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Tech Roundup: New kit from howies, Rapha, PEdAL ED, adidas, Wattbike and more

New bags, custom team kit, jackets, body creams, training apps and much more in Tech Roundup this weekend

In Tech Roundup this week we've got new bags from howies, cycling jackets from PEdAL ED, a new Wattbike app for sharing training data, a Rapha special edition jersey and cap, adidas The 5th Floor custom team kit, and Muc-Off launches a range of warmup and recovery creams.

howies launches new cycling bags

Back in 2003 howies launched the Roadsign cycling bag adorned with a massive reflective "Stay Right" road sign.  The company has brought it back with the release of a new range of cycling bags which build on the idea of using road signage as a way of getting the attention of other road users.

The two different size backpacks, Broad Haven (£49) and Little Haven (£39), feature a waterproof cover with a large ‘Keep Right’ reflective arrow. If you’re reading this outside the UK, fear not, howies offers a ‘Keep Light’ rain cover for those that cycle on the wrong side of the road.

The Broad Haven provides 18 litres of capacity, space for a 15in laptop, while the smaller Little Haven has 10 litres. Both are packed with plenty of smart details, mesh straps, pockets everywhere, reflective shoulder straps and helmet hanging loops.

The Marlos Messenger Bag (£45) is a medium sized bag with quick access pockets to fit a 15in laptop or documents and a large external zip pocket against your back for valuables. The wide strap is adjustable with a removable shoulder pad. It offers 11 litres of capacity.

Rapha releases Cima jersey collection

Rapha’s latest addition to its ever-expanding clothing range is the Cima collection, a celebration of the Giro d'Italia's Cima Coppi highest climbing prize, awarded to the first rider to climb to the highest point in the race in a given year - the word "cima" means "summit."

The prize was first introduced 50 years ago and has been awarded for scaling fearsome mountain passes like the Stelvio, Pordoi and Gavia. The idea for the prize came a decade after  Fausto Coppi’s heroic ascent of the Passo dello Stelvio in 1953, which secured him a fifth victory in the stage race.

The range includes a special edition jersey (£110), cap (£30), silk scarf (£50) and essentials case (£45). The jersey is adorned with an embroidered Cima monogram and a list of the mountain passes that have been honoured with the Cima Coppi title.

The jersey is made from the same Sportwool merino/polyester fabric used in its Club jerseys, which this new one is based on, with three rear pockets and short front zipper.

See the collection at

adidas sponsors The 5th Floor with custom designed cycle clothing

The 5th Floor describe themselves as a “cycling collective” and are a group of racing cyclists based in London and New York that formed the club to express their love of cycling and cycling racing with their own exclusive race team. It’s become very popular in recent years to start your own team, rather than join an established cycle club. 


adidas supply The 5th Floor with some pretty smart looking cycle clothing consisting of a skin suit, jersey, bib shorts, caps, overshoes and warmers using the green colour and shield logo of the team.

Brooks unveil J.B. Small Leather Goods Collection.

Brooks don't just make saddles these days, the company has gradually expanded its range to include things like bar tape, bars and now, they also now make wallets, card and passport holders, glasses cases and other small items designed for travel. As you would expect, they’re made using the same materials and handcraft process as goes into the Brooks leather saddles.

Each piece in this new collection is made from a single piece of leather, which is then cut and worked by hand in Tuscany, Italy, an approach which Brooks claims “omits unnecessary details, allowing the beauty of the raw materials to come forth, for items of enduring quality.”

J.B. Small Leather Goods are available from €25 to €240 at Brooks Dealers of Excellence
worldwide and at

Wattbike launches new training data analysis feature

Wattbike has unveiled a new mobile app and web platform to allow users of the stationary trainer to better analyse training sessions, with a cloud-based service providing easy sharing with coaches and training partners.

The new powerapp lets you easily capture session data from any Wattbike and automatically upload to the cloud service, so it’s accessible all the time. Previously you have to connect the Wattibike to a computer to access the data, so this app is going to make accessing your training data much easier and quicker.

The shared data includes power, cadence and heart rate along with the Polar View, which shows your pedalling technique and right-left leg balance. The powerapp can even take control of your Wattbike session and track intervals.The app, available on Android and Apple smartphones, is available to download for free.

“The Wattbike gives a unique insight into the way you cycle and is used at the UCI World Cycling Centre and by many international cycling federations. At the heart of this insight is the vast amount of data it collects.

“These new, free powerhub and powerapp offerings have been created to make it easier to interpret this data and ensure you’re riding efficiently and training effectively. The transmission of this data to the cloud is a big change and a great leap in functionality and we’ll add new functionality to the app in the coming months.

PEdAL ED Saddle Packable Jacket launched

PEdAL ED has just sent us details of its brand new Saddle Packable Jacket, which has been “designed with a classy approach to a functional garment,” it tells us.

The jacket has been cut to work well in the riding position, but has the blazer looks to work off the bike. It’s made from a combination of cotton and technical fabrics and is said to be light and windproof with a Nano Sphere coating to provide protection against the elements. The name gives a hint as its ability to be easily packed away with the material is crease resistant so it’s always ready to wear.

The Saddle Packable Jacket is available for 230 Euro at local PEdAL ED dealers or at­Packable­Jacket.​

The company has also added the new Gufo Wind Jacket to its range. It’s a packable wind resistant jacket made from a lightweight Polyamide material and was put to the test in the 2012 TransContinental Race. It features a double-zip system that allows a regular or snug fit and has the usual dropped tail and there’s a pocket lined with a reflective material.

Once packed into it’s integrated bag, the Gufo fits easily into any back jersey pocket. The Gufo Windbreaker is available for 150 Euro at local PEdAL ED Dealers or at­Wind­Jacket.​

Muc-Off has launched a new Athlete Protection Range

Muc-Off might be best known for its pink bike cleaner, but it’s keen to branch out into other areas, and with its new Athlete Protection Range, it wants to look after you as well. The range is intended to cover all stages of pre-ride preparation and post-ride recovery, so it’s embrocation and massage creams.

Here are the details from Muc-Off:

Warm Up Cream  allows your muscles to work at an optimum level of effectiveness with an intelligent heating system, which can control the temperature it provides to you. £15

Explosive Power Cream uses Arginine Amino acids to help dilate blood vessels and increase blood supply to the muscles. It delivers an extra boost of power when you need it most, increasing gains of strength and energy. £24

Ultra Endurance Cream uses Taurine Amino acids and gets to work straight away, converting Glycogen into Glucose to fuel your muscles, increasing protein synthesis. This dramatically reduces arm pump so you can focus on nailing your next run. £24

Recovery Balm increases glycogen storage and hydrates muscle cells so you can fully maximise your training. £24

David worked on the tech team from 2012-2020. Previously he was editor of and before that staff writer at RCUK. He's a seasoned cyclist of all disciplines, from road to mountain biking, touring to cyclo-cross, he only wishes he had time to ride them all. He's mildly competitive, though he'll never admit it, and is a frequent road racer but is too lazy to do really well. He currently resides in the Cotswolds, and you can now find him over on his own YouTube channel David Arthur - Just Ride Bikes

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3wheelsgood | 8 years ago

Look, if you want to increase your performance and keep her indoors smiling, please be honest and don't hide behind the façade of cycling. Muc-Off Athlete Protection Range cannot be serious - the descriptions sound like they have come straight from a spam email for manly dysfunction..."Explosive Power Cream - dilate blood vessels and increase blood supply" and "Ultra Endurance Cream - reduces arm pump so you can focus on nailing..."  35 ...when will the NHS make these available on prescription?

robertoegg | 8 years ago

What's Howies man spilt down his shorts?

bikebot | 8 years ago

That poor chap in the muc-off photo is suffering from a chronic case of HDR leg.

DaveE128 | 8 years ago

Why do Howies think people carry great big spanners on rides with them?  35

bigshape replied to DaveE128 | 8 years ago
DaveE128 wrote:

Why do Howies think people carry great big spanners on rides with them?  35

a spanner comes in quite handy if you ride fixed.

jollygoodvelo | 8 years ago

Wow, that Howies bag comes with a proper retro mobile phone too.

Or presumably in Wales, the latest model.  3

mrchrispy | 8 years ago

only a fiver in the rapha purse???
I assume it isn't emergency cash and its for cleaning your hands after changing a tyre/chain.

harrybav | 8 years ago

Thanks Fluffed!

Yorky-M | 8 years ago

i don't know about the rapha purse

Jez Ash | 8 years ago

Gufo wind?

harrybav | 8 years ago

The navy blue shorts are the best of it here. What are those? Or maybe those are Howies' press shots?

Fluffed replied to harrybav | 8 years ago

Howies press shots, probably their crosstown stretch shorts.

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