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Pinarello unveils Dogma F8 Disc

Dogma F8 gets the disc brake treatment

Italian bicycle manufacturer Pinarello has unveiled the new Dogma F8 Disc. Pinarello is no stranger to disc-equipped road bikes, it first launched the Dogma 65.1 Hydro and DogmaK Hydro disc road bikes two years ago, even had a ride on one.

The new Dogma F8 Disc though is based on the same Dogma F8 that Team Sky has been racing for the past two years, since its launch last summer, Pinarello’s first aerodynamic road bike. The new Dogma F8 Disc is said to retain the “main characteristics” of the regular Dogma F8, in terms of the geometry, the frame material, stiffness and aerodynamics.

- Pinarello announce Dogma F8

The frame uses Shimano’s new Flat Mount brake caliper system, with adapters to make it compatible with other brake systems. Pinarello hasn’t issued many details about its new bike in its press release, but we’re pushing them for more details. We expect the frame to carry a slight weight penalty over the regular Dogma F8, but how much we don’t know.

Pinarello also appears to have stuck with conventional quick release axles rather than adopting the thru-axles that a handful of other bike brands have done. 

- Disc brakes to appear in pro peloton this year

The UCI recently relaxed its rules on disc road bikes in the professional peloton so it’s no surprise we’re starting to see race-ready road bikes equipped with disc brakes starting to appear. Most disc-equipped road bikes so far have been based on endurance/sportive bikes, as the brakes suit the intended use of those bikes, and the longer chainstays get around chainline issues with the wider rear axle. Will Team Sky be one of the early adopters?

More on this new bike soon...

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