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Wiggle aims to simplify bike insurance with new cycle-specific policies

Private medical help, a taxi home and generous multi-bike discounts just some of the perks on offer

Wiggle, the UK’s largest online cycle retailer, has announced that it is to launch its own cycle insurance, entering a crowded marketplace with the promise of affordable and straightforward packages for cyclists - perhaps with a packet of Haribo thrown in.

The company says that despite 15% of surveyed cyclists having had a bicycle stolen, only 5% have specialist cover.  As a result, Wiggle are seeking to bring cycle insurance to the masses.

Kelly Barnes, Head of Insurance and Legal at Wiggle said: “At Wiggle, we know the highs and lows of cycling and wanted to create an insurance product to make our customers experience of cycle insurance simpler and better.

“By simplifying the sometimes confusing add-on options we’ve developed three straightforward packages to provide cyclists with cover they can rely on from a trusted brand alongside a claims service that’s geared around supporting cyclists when they need us the most.”

“Wiggle cycle insurance is a great addition to our Wiggle brand and reflects our core values.  We’re excited that Wiggle can offer an insurance product that’s about the good stuff.”

The product, designed by cyclists and insurance experts, delivers a number of industry leading benefits:

Emergency, private medical, dental and physiotherapy treatment

With a Wiggle cycle insurance policy, you won’t need to wait in A&E. This will be a reassuring aspect for the 9% of cyclists who are knocked off their bikes every year.

Taxi fare reimbursement

In a thoughtful quirk to the policy benefits, Wiggle will also reimburse taxi fares for stranded claimants. This is another nod to the fact that this cover has been developed by cyclists who’ve faced similar situations before.

Multi-bike discounts of up to 60%

This will prove advantageous for those that always have room for one more bike.

Free legal advice

Wiggle provides free legal advice and a full accident management service for cycling accident claims.

No extra charges for monthly payments

Wiggle won’t charge you any interest if you choose to pay monthly.

The three bands of cycle insurance available and instant quotes can be found here.

At we recently brought you a comprehensive guide to cycle insurance. Many of us assume that our bikes are covered by our house contents policies, at least while they're in the house. But are they? Here's what to check, and where to go if you need specific bike insurance.

Dig out out your house contents policy and check exactly what it says about bikes. It's likely to be under one of these headings:

    General Exclusions
    Contents and Valuables
    Personal Possessions
    Conditions & Exclusions
    Pedal Cycles, Bikes or Cycling

It's possible you'll find one of the following exclusions:

    Bikes over a particular value, often £500
    Bikes stolen away from the property
    Damage to bikes while being used
    Use of bikes in sportives
    Use of bikes off road, or in competitions
    Public liability while cycling

If you're still unsure, call your provider and check just what you're covered for. You may be able to extend your cover simply by specifying the bikes you want included, at least while they're on the premises.

If you've a substantial collection of bikes expect a raised eyebrow or two at the number and the total value. Insurance company folks just don't understand that the correct number of bikes to own is N+1, and N is the number you have now.


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