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Cyclists: take prime position, says IAM book

New book advises how to cycle safer

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is urging cyclists to 'claim their lane', in 'How to be a better cyclist', a practical guide to cycling, launched in London yesterday.

Last month,  we reported that the IAM were advocating a more assertive stance from cyclists and yesterday they made that a bit more formal with the launch of 'How to be a better cyclist' a guide which provides comprehensive advice for safer cycling. It is aimed at current and would-be cyclists of any level of experience. It also champions the idea of cyclists taking up a primary position on the road.

Duncan Pickering, IAM Cycling Development Manager, said: “Many cyclists are unsure whether to stick to the kerb or push out into the road when riding in towns. How to be a better cyclist advises cyclists to stay nearer but not close to the kerb on long, even stretches, but where safe and appropriate to do so, to assert themselves (such as when approaching a side road), pushing out into the road and making themselves visible to drivers.”

Steered by advice from cycling expert John Franklin, How to be a better cyclist not only offers advice on staying safe on the roads, it explores techniques that allow cyclists to better integrate with traffic, react dynamically to changing situations and make better progress. In short, to make cycling a more satisfying and enjoyable experience.

Simon Best, IAM Chief Executive, says: “The IAM hopes that people of any age will use How to be a better cyclist to get the most out of their cycle journeys, whether in the town or the country, and that the book will reach those who could benefit from our knowledge and experience.”

Available from IAM website £9.99

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