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"Successful" cycle scheme prompts mirth by baffled cyclists

Twitter erupts in mirth and confusion as engineering company brands cycle route entirely blocked by barrier "successful"...

Twitter can be a harsh proving ground for any company - not least for all things cycling - the Niceway Code being a recent example.

So when AG Wilson Engineering posted a picture of what it called another “successful” greenway in Northern Ireland, with a barrier entirely blocking it, the results were, perhaps, predictable.

Perplexed cyclists jumped in to ask how to use the path, which is blocked by a long metal gate, with a chicane barrier to one side.

Chicanes on bike lanes - why are we still building this rubbish? ask frustrated campaigners

The company tweeted: “AG Wilson successfully delivered another greenway project in Railway park Dungannon”.

Many questioned how the greenway constituted a success given the apparent access issues, and say the large barrier and chicane combination make the route inaccessible for those on non-standard bikes including disability bikes, cargo bikes, tandems and tagalongs. 

Some wondered who the scheme was actually designed for, and whether there had been a mistake. It is unclear if AG Wilson is responsible for the gate itself. 

There was sarcasm aplenty.

Before people started to get creative with possible solutions, including developing Danny Mackaskill-level stunt skills.

Something some brave souls suggested they’d try it out, with different approaches.

The over:

The under:

The "here’s how it should be done, kids".

AG Wilson did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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