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Great cycling deals on BMC bikes, hi-viz tights & SIS

The DealCatcher has packed men's and women's cycling tights with endurance nutrition, and a BMC Granfondo into today's round-up...

It's a bit darker all of a sudden, eh? Not to worry, the DealCatcher's here to bring a little illumination to your rears today, plus some nutrition from Science in Sport and a bike from BMC.

By 'illumination to your rears' we mean drivers will be able to see your behinds a little clearer, particularly in the dark.

Whether or not that idea unsettles you, Altura's Night Vision Tights are currently available at up to 45% off in men's and women's varieties. Not only will they keep you warm as the temperature continues to drop, they'll keep you nice and visiable too.

We've also got a bundle of energy products from Science in Sport to keep your legs turning on the cold rides ahead.

But first, BMC's excellent long-distance carbon framed Granfondo bike is available from Evans Cycles at a 20% discount.


Evans Cycles

20% off BMC's Granfondo GF02 Tiagra Road Bike
WAS £1499.00 | NOW £1199.00

BMC Granfondo GF02 Tiagra 2016 Road Bike.jpg

When we reviewed the disc-equipped BMC GF01 last year, our man Justin Loretz was very impressed with the high performance and plush nature of BMC's long distance offering.

The GF02, one would expect, should reign in on those 'plush' features in order to provide a more affordable ride. But does it?

Clearly the loss of disc brakes from the GF01 model we tested and this GF02 model will account for some of that price drop, as will the switch from Shimano's mid high-end 105 groupset for the midrange Tiagra groupset.

Other than that, though, the bike seems to retain much of what Justin liked. the geometry's the same, as is the frame. Sure we're looking at slightly cheaper Shimano WH-R501 wheels as opposed to the RX31s on the GF01, but the overall bike should still give you a great ride.

For well over £1000 less, that's not a bad deal at all.

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Cycle Surgery

45% off Altura's Night Vision Tights
WAS £55.00 | NOW £30.00

Altura Night Vision MensandWomens Tights.jpg

It's getting chilly, and it doesn't matter whether you're a bloke or a woman.

Which is why we're featuring tights for both in today's round-up.

The men's tights are slightly cheaper than the women's, but the overall quality of both sets of tights is equally good - and both offer excellent value, even if the women's tights are slightly more expensive.

At £36, the women's Altura Night Vision tights are a touch more expensive, but they should work just as well.

When we reviewed the more expensive Peloton version of these tights, our man Stu Kerton said they featured a great pad with sensibly positioned reflectives. Pay extra attention to fit guidelines, though.

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Science in Sport

42% off SiS's Endurance Bundle
WAS £14.00 | NOW £7.99

SIS Endurance Pack.png

Finally, if you're preparing for a big ride, or want a kickstart to your darker commutes, Science in Sport's Endurance Bundle is for you.

This isn't a long term commitment, and if you're thinking of just trying some of SiS's new stuff then this might be a good option.

Sachets of GO electrolyte and energy mixes, alongside GO energy gels, GO energy bars, and sachets of REGO recovery protein will give you a nice overview of SIS's offerings.

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Beecho | 7 years ago

The tights are 5 quid cheaper at Tredz. Spend another fiver and get it back with their usual email subscription offer.

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