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Five of the most bizarre cycling adverts EVER

We take a look at some of the cycling world's more interesting, hilarious and controversial marketing ploys - the Zefal ad is a corker...

When it comes to bicycle adverts we've grown accustomed to seeing sexy shots of sexy people on sexy bikes. It seems that those messages have become a little mixed in the minds of some marketers though, as you're about to see.

Back in September Zéfal decided to bring a different kind of sexuality to its advertising manifesto. The French cycling accessories brand launched the advert you're about to watch below.

The chap in this advert is using a non-Zéfal pump to reinflate his tyre, and as Zéfal make very clear, that's his biggest mistake.

Inflating your tyres while certain body parts are obscured by things like bushes can give people all sorts of ideas as to what you're actually up to.

In this particular scenario eyebrows were raised, passers-by were distracted and a policeman got the wrong end of the, er, stick as the fella puts in far more effort to blow up his tyres than he would if he was using a Zéfal.

The French accessory brand isn't alone in getting involved in the park-based nudity advertising fun, whether it's implied or not.

Australian bike brand Malvern Star released the following advert where a cyclist bizarrely uses a man's bum cheeks as a bike stand.

The fun isn't always nudity based.

The following advert came from Cycle Scotland and was criticised not for its demeaning representation of cyclists, rather for the helmetless cyclist seen riding at the end.


>ASA bans safety video over helmetless cyclist

Top Gear thought they were being funny when they produced a 'cycling safety' advert that mocked the cycling community's inability to tell the difference between red and green. It was met with some criticism from cyclists.

>Top Gear on cycling *facepalm*

And finally the 'advert' that was met with most anger from the cycling community was Transport for London's "desperately misguided" cycling safety advert warning riders of the dangers of getting caught between HGVs and the curb.

The community's uproar, which you can read about in the article below, resulted in the advert being pulled and TfL rethinking its direction.

>Fury over Government HGV warning video

Remember any particularly bizarre cycling adverts? Share them with us below!

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samuri | 6 years ago

You missed off Pozatto's quite odd SIDI advert.

And of course, Armstong's 'Just do it' Nike advert.

MrJF | 7 years ago

A bit old school but the early Muddy Fox advert was bizarre/creepy with a bike coming out of a mans chest akin to Alien


kevinmorice | 7 years ago
1 like

Also claiming the Clarkson one is a bit much as that was just fuel for a sketch on Top Gear rather than an actual advert. 

martinpeake | 7 years ago

Is it just me or are there only five commercials here?


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