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Appeal for funds on anniversary of Michael Mason collision

Trial to begin on April 3

On the third anniversary of the collision that resulted in the death of Michael Mason, the Cyclists’ Defence Fund (CDF) has renewed its appeal for funds. In five weeks’ time, the private prosecution it has brought will finally come to trial at the Old Bailey.

Mason died in hospital in March 2014 just days after his 70th birthday from injuries sustained when he was hit from behind by a car on London’s Regent Street 19 days earlier.

The Metropolitan Police declined to prosecute the driver involved, Gail Purcell, even though she could not explain why she had failed to see him when many other witnesses had.

Following work from CDF, the Metropolitan Police seemingly changed its position in March 2015 and said it would refer the case to the Director of Public Prosecutions. Five days later, that statement was withdrawn – without first notifying Mason’s family.

CDF have since commenced a private prosecution of Purcell for causing death by careless driving. Purcell pleaded not guilty at a hearing before the Old Bailey in October, with a trial set for six days beginning on April 3.

"My father’s death still touches every part of our lives and our long drawn-out attempts to get some measure of justice remains painful," said Mason's daughter, Anna Tatton-Brown. "The ongoing support offered us by the Cyclists’ Defence Fund, and the many people who have donated money, is an ongoing source of support and solace."

Further donations can be made via the Justice for Michael fundraising appeal.

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tritecommentbot | 7 years ago

Chipped in last night from me and the missus. Was thinking about advertising for it on Zwift in game, today and tomorrow, but wasnt sure if that was bad form or not.


Really want to see this go ahead and be successful and then see it popularise. Clearly private prosecutions are the way forward until/if legislation and the authorities start taking it as seriously as it merits.

bobbinogs | 7 years ago

Yepp, already paid in but chucked another tenner to try and help this across the line.  This is all a sad reflection on British justice, maybe someone somewhere will get the message.

StraelGuy | 7 years ago

Another £10 here.

Fish_n_Chips | 7 years ago


Although accidents do happen and we make mistakes all the time when walking, cycling or driving.

If she is innocent, then I hope she gets proven innocent.

If she was not looking or on her phone, then deserves to get the book thrown at her like everyone else.

Sad to hear he lost his life and I'm sick of sorry I didn't see you after my Father was knocked down in an empty street.

burtthebike | 7 years ago

Just bunged CDF another £20, and it is encouraging to see how much has already been raised, over 90% of the required £75k.  Well done everyone who has donated.

I'm still incensed that cyclists have to raise money for a private prosecution of a killer driver.  Given all the other recent stories of the police and CPS failing to investigate or prosecute, the situation seems to be getting worse, not better.

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