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Massive cycling deals in the Wiggle DealCatcher Takeover

Big savings on Oakley, Shimano, Muc-Off, Roux and Lizard Skins in today's DealCatcher...

The DealCatcher's here with some great deals from Wiggle's bargain bucket of goodies!

There's a wonderful variety of products in today's DealCatcher. From bikes to creams, today's selection contains so much cycling value that we should probably consider renaming this the ValueCatcher.

Or not...

Anyway, here's your selection of bikes, lights, sunglasses, creams, sprays, cassettes, pedals and tapes.



30% off Roux's 2016 Conquest Elite CX Bike
WAS £1000.00 | NOW £700.00


First up is Roux's Conquest Elite Cyclocross Bike.

Sure, cyclocross season might be on its way out, or maybe even over (we're not sure, the DealCatcher's not the arbiter of cyclocross) but the way these bikes are set up make them perfect for durable, comfortable year round commuting machines.

The aluminium frame, carbon fork, disc-braked Triple Chamber Aero rims, and 700x33 Maxxis Raze tyres make this machine super comfortable to ride.

The Shimano Tiagra/105 groupset mix will keep things running smoothly too.


53% off Oakley's Jawbreaker TdF Prizm Sunglasses
WAS £195.00 | NOW £90.61

Oakley Jawbreaker TdF.jpg

As the summer is on its way, a few of you will be considering an upgrade in the specs department.

Let us assure you that while the name and the price of these Prizm sunglasses from Oakley may make some of you squirm, they really do offer almost unparalleled performance.

Our tech editor Dave Arthur put the Prizms through there paces when they came in for review, and he said they offer "impressive clarity" and a "less obstructed field of vision than most other glasses."

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50% off Muc-Off's Nano Tech Bike Cleaner
WAS £9.99 | NOW £4.98

MucOff Bike Cleaner.jpg

What can we say about Muc-Off's headline bike cleaner that we haven't said before?

It's been around the block a few times but the fantastic pink formula still holds its own.

At this price too, what have you got to lose?

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50% off Cateye's Volt 200 RC Front Light
WAS £39.99 | NOW £19.99

Cateye Volt 200 RC.jpg

Certainly, you're less in need of a set of lights now than you were a few weeks ago, before the clocks went back, but it still gets dark, so...

In all seriousness, yes, you'll use your bike lights a little less at this time of year, but you're also more likely to get your hands on bargains. Like this one.

CatEye makes great lights, we know that, we've reviewed enough of them. The Volt series has consistently performed well too.


42% off Shimano's PD-M520 Pedals
WAS £34.00 | NOW £19.98

Shimano M520 Pedal.jpg

When you were in the market for your first pair of clipless pedals, if you're anything like us you went for Shimano PD-M520s. 

Not only are they one of the best value pedals out there, but they're durable and double sided. We should know, our man Dave Atkinson gave them a 9/10 when they came in for review.

They're just as good for new cyclists as they are for older ones, and at this price it's probably worth considering whether you'll need a new pair any time soon.

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38% off Shimano's 105 5800 11 Speed Cassette
WAS £49.99 | NOW £30.99

Shimano 105 Cassette.jpg

What does Shimano's 105 groupset stand for?

Performance? Yep. While it's not top-of-the-line quality like the brand's Ultegra and Dura-Ace ranges, it does an incredible job at immitating the feel of the pro-quality groupsets.

Value? Yep. At the price of very average groupsets only a few years ago you can get your hands on 105. When the components are discounted like this cassette is, you can often get your hands on a groupset for much less.

Durability? Also yep. Not only is the 5800 groupset a huge step up from the 5700, those of us in the office who have been running it for a while have had no issues at all.

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29% off Lizard Skins' DSP Bar Tape
WAS £34.00 | NOW £23.98

Lizard Skins DPS.jpg

Unrivalled cushioning and grip. That's what our man Shaun Audane says the Lizard Skins DSP Bar Tape has over every other bar tape manufacturer out there.

Why, do you ask, did Shaune only give the DSP tape an 8/10? Well, that'd be the price. At £34 full price Lizard Skins could be said to be asking a lot. At £24, less so.

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25% off Muc-Off's Luxury Chamois Cream
WAS £20.00 | NOW £14.99

MucOff Luxury Chamois Cream.jpg

Finally, those of you who are planning some long rides in the coming weeks, it's time to treat yourself.

Muc-Off's Luxury Chamois Cream does the job of keeping the chafe away really well.

Our man Dave Atkinson loved it, we imagine you will too.

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