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Five cyclists injured after being hit by Brisbane motorist ‘blinded by sun’

Three cyclists in their 50s and two in their 40s injured on regular club run

A driver who ‘might have been blinded by the sun as he performed a U-turn’ has said he hopes the five cyclists he hit make a speedy recovery.

The 22 year old motorist was doing a U-turn on Dornoch Terrace in West End around 6:20am on Friday when 5 cyclists ploughed into his car at speed.

Speaking to 9NEWS the driver, who currently faces no charges, said: "I would like to say that I hope everyone is going to be okay and makes a speedy recovery."

The riders, who range in ages from 45 to 55 years old, are part of the "Venerdi Corsa" club which is Italian for "Friday Ride”.

A 54-year-old woman, who was initially reported as being critically injured, has now had her head injuries downgraded.

Other cyclists have had surgery to treat broken bones and internal injuries.

"There were bikes all over the road broken in two, five bodies on the road, blood everywhere," said one witness, cyclist Tom Nash.

"The car looks like it's been hit by another car, but it's been hit by people," said David Shelberg whose wife Caroline was one of the riders injured.

"Caroline will be all right. She was the last to leave but there were other more critical people in front of her."

Queensland Ambulance senior operations supervisor Matthew Hannaberry said the number of people at the scene made the rescue “chaotic”.

“Upon our arrival, it was quite a chaotic scene because not only were the cyclists that had been involved in the incident there, there were another dozen cyclists who had been travelling in that peloton,” he told the Guardian.

“There were some local residents who were providing first aid until our paramedics arrived,” Hannaberry said.

Police continue to investigate.

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