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Video: Police release footage highlighting danger of cyclists' car-swerving ‘game’

Cyclist tried to swerve into and then out of the path of an oncoming car

Hertfordshire Police have released a video to warn of the dangers of a car-swerving ‘game’. It focuses on Paul Belcher who was involved in a collision in October last year.

Sergeant Leah McDermott from the Borehamwood Safer Neighbourhood Team pointed out that drivers faced with an impending collision are likely to try and take evasive action, which could lead to an incident in itself.

“This so-called ‘game’ just doesn’t make sense. Those who attempt to swerve in front of cars are not only putting themselves in real danger, but also those in the vehicles.”

Belcher’s mum, Lesley, said that she learned her son had been involved in a collision after his friend posted the footage to Instagram.

“When he walked through the door and looked at me, I just thought ‘you’re so stupid’. I can’t… I just genuinely can’t believe how stupid you are.”

The driver slowed sufficiently that Paul escaped with just severe bruising, but his bike was destroyed. “He needed a new bike, but he didn’t get one,” said Lesley. “He’s going to have to earn himself a new bike.”

McDermott thanked Lesley for appearing in the film, adding: “This is not a game you want to play. You versus a car – you are not going to come off best.”

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