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Chichester extends cycling ban and says it's 'not a vendetta' against cyclists'

Campaigners say cyclists will be pushed towards more dangerous roads

A ban on cyclists in Chichester city centre’s pedestrian precinct has been extended to include Sundays, reports the Chichester Observer. City and district councillor Len Macey said the move did not represent “a vendetta against cyclists,” arguing: “It’s a pedestrian precinct and by rights cycling should be banned 24/7.”

Cyclists are currently banned from North Street, East Street and Crane Street between 9.30am and 5.30pm from Monday to Saturday.

Chichester City Council submitted a bid to extend the ban in response to increased Sunday trading and despite 51 objections to 17 letters of support, the restrictions were extended by the South Chichester County Local Committee.

Macey cited figures from Chichester Business Improvement District that suggested around 15,000 people walk through the city centre on a Sunday.

“This is not a vendetta against cyclists,” he said. “This is a matter of public safety and common sense.”

Jamie Fitzjohn, who represents Chichester South, said that although no incidents had been recorded, a number of confrontations and issues ‘have happened’.

Sarah Sharp of local campaign group ChiCycle, said: “The report highlights that there is no evidence for the ban. Cycling levels on Sundays are below the level that makes the weekday ban necessary and cyclist behaviour is overwhelmingly considerate.

“The report also highlights that diverting cyclists on to surrounding streets has safety implications. In contrast to the central streets the nearby streets have witnessed numerous casualties.

“On Sundays, we're not just talking about lycra types, but also the elderly, the disabled and families with young children – so far from avoiding "danger to persons or traffic," a ban would positively increase it.”

She added: “Originally there was talk that West Sussex would plan some alternative cycling routes on the surrounding roads before any ban went ahead. But that went out the window.”

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