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Red Bull Million Mile Commute passes halfway... and there's more work to be done!

With less than two weeks left and the running total just shy of 500,00 miles, we're going to have to up our distance to hit the million mile mark!...

Red Bull's 2018 Million Mile Commute challenge on Strava has passed halfway... and with just under half a million miles logged, we're going to have to pedal a little bit further over the next couple of weeks to reach a million! 

Red Bull Million Mile Commute launches on Strava
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​The figure stands at 484,000 miles at the time of writing, meaning we're going to have to step it up a little to pass one million miles by the end of July. Of course the target is much loftier than last year, where the target was one million miles in three months, because this time the aim is to reach a million in just one month. If you're already cycling or running to work regularly then simply keep doing what you're doing (maybe taking the odd detour to up your mileage!), and don't forget to tag your activity as a commute when it's uploaded to Strava. For those who haven't signed up yet fear not... you can still register and your miles can be retrospectively added to the running total. Hopefully plenty will make fashionably late appearances and then we've nothing to worry about! As a quick reminder, here's what you have to do to sign up and get your miles added to the running total: 

- If you're not already on Strava you'll need to  Connect with Strava and then head over to the Red Bull site to fill out the registration form to join the Million Mile Commute challenge.

- Log your cycling and running activities in Strava in the month of July and remember to tag them as commutes.

- Check back on the Million Mile Commute website to see your mileage total and compare yourself on the weekly leaderboard. As long as your activity is tagged as a commute on Strava it automatically gets added to the total, although the miles take until the next day to appear on your account. 

- While you're at it, join Red Bull's and's Strava clubs where you can discuss the challenge with fellow commuters. 

Red Bull Million Mile Commute

There are also loads of prizes to be won; you can get a month of free Strava premium simply by buying a can of Red Bull, and everyone taking part will get something special when the 100K, 500K and (hopefully) the million mile markers are reached, and reaching individual milestones will enter you into prize draws... reach 10 miles and you're in the draw for some limited edition Strava socks, reach 250 and you could win a brand spanking new Marin Fairfax SC3 courtesy of Cycle Surgery if you're really lucky. 

Get on your bikes and keep logging those miles, there's work to be done but we're confident this never-ending warm weather will persuade more folk to ditch the cars and get us past that elusive million mile mark with time to spare... 

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