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Latest version of Dragons' Den backed bicycle indicators pitched as way to prevent close passes

“Stop dangerous overtaking with a single tap”

The makers of WingLights indicators are currently looking for funding via Kickstarter. The latest version of their handlebar lights, which won financial backing on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den last year, are being pitched as a way for cyclists to “stop dangerous overtaking with a single tap.”

When CYCL won £45,000 of funding for their handlebar-mounted indicators in 2017, my colleague John Stephenson suggested that maybe – just maybe – there wasn’t an enormous market for such a thing.

The latest version, WingLights360, add an extra feature. They are now permanently activated white/red lights that turn into flashing orange when you indicate to turn.

According to CYCL: “Whilst traditional front and back lights do the job of highlighting cyclists’ presence, they do not give an idea of the bike’s width, leaving drivers to estimate the rider's exact position and potentially leading to dangerous overtaking situations.”

If our extensive coverage of close passes has taught us anything, it’s that the majority are less to do with the visibility of the cyclist and more to do with the driver’s complete lack of comprehension of what it’s like to have a tonne of metal unexpectedly skim your elbow at considerable speed.

That isn’t to say that visibility isn’t a concern however and WingLights360 have certainly attracted plenty of backers. The £8,500 funding goal was reached inside a day and they have so far raised £44,000 with six days still to go.

WingLights360 will go into production later this month. Future retail price is stated as £65 for a set.

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