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Starring: Mark Cavendish, pavement cyclists, the great nation of Columbia, Team Sky the, er great town of Bedford and more…

1. Round-the-world cyclist fined for riding his bike through Bedford town centre

Josh Quigley and fine (via Twitter)

Round-the-world cyclist Josh Quigley has been handed a £75 fine for riding his bike in Bedford town centre. The Livingstone cyclist, who is just a week into his trip, tore up the ticket and says he won’t pay. He argues that local councils should be encouraging people to get on their bikes, not punishing them.
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2. “I’d rather smash every bone in my body than have this” Cavendish says about suffering Epstein-Barr Virus

Mark Cavendish in Dimension Data 2017 kit (picture credit Scott Mitchell).jpg

Mark Cavendish says mismanagement of his Epstein-Barr virus has damaged his career and legacy. While conceding that he may never be the same again, the sprinter says that he is starting to feel strong after two seasons where he felt he was, “in races, but not racing.”
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3. Team Sky sponsorship: Ecopetrol could lead Colombian takeover

Team Sky in Colombia (via YouTube)

Colombia’s state-backed oil company Ecopetrol could step in as Team Sky’s main sponsor. Sir Dave Brailsford is believed to have met with Colombian president Ivan Duque and the head of the sport ministry Ernesto Lucena to discuss the team’s future earlier this week.
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4. “We have to be realistic” say police about low number of fines for cycling on the pavement

Pedestrian zone cyclist.JPG

From our Thursday live blog, Cambridge Police responded to reports of low numbers of cyclists being fined for riding on the pavement in a Cambridge News article. 
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5. High cadence pedalling is inefficient for amateurs, says new study


A new study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine says that cycling at a high cadence isn't beneficial to amateurs. What do you think, are you a spinner or a grinder? 
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6. What bike is this? Ikea x-ray bike poster leaves cyclists guessing

skeleton bike ikea

We had this brought to our attention this week and thought we'd see if you could be any help in our (albeit pointless) quest to find the answer!
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7. Hull seeks Dutch inspiration to get more people cycling

Hull - licenseed CC BY ND 2.0 by Keith Laverock on Flickr

Councillors in Hull are reviewing the city’s existing policies on cycling, including the provision of infrastructure, and are seeking inspiration from the Netherlands to get more residents on bikes.
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8. Garmin acquires Tacx in bid to take a slice of the indoor training market

Tacx Neo 2 Smart Trainer 2.jpg

Garmin has acquired Tacx, the Dutch trainer, accessories and tools manufacturer in a move that is clearly a bid to grab a slice of the lucrative and fast-growing indoor training market.
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9. The most congested roads aren't those with cycling infrastructure - whatever opponents of cycle lanes say

London traffic jam (licensed CC BY 2.0 by Garry Knight on Flickr)

An annual study of traffic congestion around the world has once again confirmed what opponents of segregated cycling infrastructure don’t seem to understand – that London’s most congested roads aren’t ones where Cycle Superhighways have been built.
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10. Another app launched to warn drivers of presence of cyclists gets another backlash from bike riders

Cycle Safety Technologies app on Apple App Store.PNG

A smartphone app that claims to alert motorists to the presence of cyclists on the road – assuming both the driver and rider are using it – has come under criticism on social media, as has happened with similar systems in the past.
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