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Brompton CEO's alleged MAMIL-bashing, Rotor going up to 13, Kristina Vogel's inspirational words and a naked cyclist's legal wrangle are included in this week's news round-up.....

1. Man drives lorry at cyclist and attempts to attack him with a weapon

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 15.09.29

From our Wednesday live blog, this shocker of a clip from Singapore shows a cyclist in a confrontation with a lorry driver, before the lorry driver begins to aim his vehicle at him. Thankfully he missed, but then got out of the lorry armed with what looks to be a hammer. The cyclist proceeds to land a heavy blow, knocking the lorry driver to the floor, before riding off. 
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2. Cyclist whose ankle was broken by angry pedestrian told that police won’t press charges

Angry man in Brisbane (source ABC News).JPG

Police in Queensland, Australia have told a cyclist whose ankle was broken after a pedestrian attacked him that they will not be pressing charges against his assailant because the video he provided did not constitute proof of assault.
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3. Hands off naked cyclist! British Naturism clarifies law as it leaps to defence of naked cyclist


News that a naked cyclist in Warrington had been reported to police has prompted a response from British Naturism, which points out that taking your clothes off in public is not necessarily a crime.
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4. Cyclists left baffled by signs in Nuneaton

Cycle path signs.JPG

Cyclists in Nuneaton have been left confused by new signs along a main road in the Warwickshire town. One of three signs erected last week on the footway running alongside The Long Shoot says “End of Route,” similar to the one on the left in the picture above. Next to that however is a sign depicting a bike confirming that it is still a cycle route, and nearby a third sign denotes it as a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians.
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5. Specialized S-Works Exos and Exos 99 shoes - the lightest and most expensive ever produced by the company

Specialized has unveiled its lightest ever road cycling shoes, the S-Works Exos weighing a claimed 150g (half shoe, size 42) with a Boa dial, and the even lighter Exos which switches to laces for a 99g weight (half shoe, size 42). They are also its most expensive ever shoes, costing £450 and £600 respectively.
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6. UCI confirms Victor Campenaerts will attempt Bradley Wiggins' Hour Record in April

Victor Campenaerts and Sir Bradley Wiggins (via VTM Nieuws).PNG

The UCI has confirmed that Victor Campenaerts will make an attempt on the Hour Record, currently held by Sir Bradley Wiggins, in April.
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7. Kristina Vogel says her passion for cycling "still burns" despite her paralysis

Kristina Vogel (licvensed CC BY 2.0 on Flickr by Flowizm, iimage cropped).JPG

Olympic champion track cyclist Kristina Vogel, who was left paralysed from the chest down after a training crash last June, says she still has a passion for the sport as she prepares to commentate in the UCI Track Cycling World Championships which start in Poland on Wednesday.
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8. Rotor’s 13 speed 1x13 groupset launches: Prices, weights, availability and everything else you need to know


SRAM and Campagnolo might have gone 12-speed, but Rotor has made the leap to 13-speed with its brand new 1x single ring groupset. We first saw Rotor’s new 1x13 groupset at Eurobike last year, and now we can furnish you with more details including prices, specs and claimed weights.
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9. Brompton boss says enmity between motorists and cyclists is down to Mamils

Brompton and Bollinger staff (via YouTube)

Will Butler-Adams, the head of Brompton Bicycles, says that ill feeling between motorists and cyclists is because “cycling as a mode of transport pretty much died”.
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10. Investigation into Mike Hall’s “avoidable” death was compromised by loss of evidence

mike hall kinesis1.jpg

A coroner has said that the investigation into Mike Hall’s “avoidable” death while taking part in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race in 2017 was "to some degree compromised by the loss of significant evidence" because police had not retained all of his clothing. Bernadette Boss also concluded that the driver involved in the collision did not commit an offence. She said this conclusion was in part due to the high standard of negligence required by law.
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