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Woking cycling ban means children can ride to school but not home again

"It's not always the case of accidents taking place, but people feeling they have been involved in a near miss"...

Woking is to review its ban on cycling in the town centre after it was pointed out that schildren are currently allowed to ride to school but not home again.

Woking was awarded Cycling Town status in 2008, but saw a restriction on town centre cycling introduced in March 2011.

Cycling is currently prohibited through the town centre and along Commercial Way between Chapel Street and Chobham Road between 10.30am and 4pm.

In 2018 police officers patrolled the town issuing yellow cards, an initiative that was described as, “a positive and polite request for cyclists to think of others and dismount.”

There have been no known prosecutions.

Cycling UK have previously questioned the policy, pointing out that case studies indicate cyclists tend to adjust their behaviour in areas of heavy footfall.

Surrey Live reports that Norman Johns, the chairman of Woking Cycle Users Group, called for the ban to be lifted at a meeting of Surrey County Council and Woking Borough Council (WBC) Joint Committee on Wednesday.

"The enforcement, as it stands now, makes it impossible for children to cycle across the town square – which they would do naturally – then cycle back because they are breaking the law doing that."

Andrew Milne, area highway manager, responded that the measure was introduced due to concerns about cyclists mixing with pedestrians.

"There's been a lot of strong feeling on both sides with changing the existing arrangements,” he said.

"We do have to balance these with all highways users – not just for cyclists but so pedestrians are safe.

"It's not always the case of accidents taking place, but people feeling they have been involved in a near miss."

WBC leader David Bittleston said with several major developments in the town centre coming to completion, it would be worth reviewing the ban.

"Now is an appropriate time to start looking at how we improve it for the future; how do we solve some of the problems we have created in the past?

"It does seem like a sensible time to go back and have a review because in 12 months' time Victoria Square opens."

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