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Manchester road rage victim's one man 'respect' campaign

Rider says he is highlighting the high levels of aggressive driving

The cyclist who filmed the Manchester road rage incident we featured yesterday has spoken about his on-going attempts to highlight poor driving standards using his helmet cam and the internet.

Neil Chatterjee, a 33-year-old university researcher told the Manchester Evening News that he has filmed numerous examples of bad driving in the short period since Christmas when he started using the £45 camera.

By uploading footage to the internet he says that motorists may be less inclined to “bully” cyclists.

Neil told the newspaper: "I just want road users to respect each other. I don’t think it should be war between motorists and cyclists. As far as I’m concerned there are good road users and bad road users.

“People should be thinking about the consequences of their actions. I cycle every day to and from work. People can get very aggressive behind the wheel of a car. They can try to bully you."

As for the incident in Longsight which as well as being picked up by, became one of the most viewed items on the BBC News website yesterday, he told the MEN

"That road narrows so you have to take the middle lane or someone will knock you off and you will end up in the railings. This chap tried to force his way past me but there wasn’t enough room for me, him and the cars coming in the other direction.

"He was so close to me I was able to bang on the side of his car and shout ‘oi’ at him. I thought he was going to knock me over. He didn’t back off and then drove in towards me. I was pinned against the railings. He grabbed hold of me and gave me a load of abuse. But he was in the wrong."

Neil Chatterjee follows in the tyre tracks of another Manchester helmet cam wearing cyclist - Jobysp, roadcc member (and latterly helmet cam reviewer), whose long running video catalogue of bad driving has been featured in the national media and which even earned him online threats from angry motorists after if featured in one particular national newspaper. 

Greater Manchester Police told that they have not yet received any information which will allow them to identify the car driver who threatened Mr Chatterjee. 

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