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What's this? a new road cycling website?..., what's that all about then? Well, we're about riding on the road and the bikes you do it on. The stories we run will mainly deal with the British cycling scene, but the site is open to all – we're starting small, but we'll be adding new sections new features, and new functionality. There will be something here for you whatever type of road bike you ride and wherever you live. And the .cc…? Because it's a club. A cycling club on the net. There's no fees, subs, or memberships lists, and yeah, alright there aren't many members at the moment either, but you can change that… To get all the dirt on what's happening off-road visit our partner site

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Skardy | 15 years ago

How about some articles on winter clobber?

If you are after a starter for ten..............I am in the market for a warm casual style jacket for shorter rides and commuting that is waterproof and as breathable as possible.

Also in the market for a warm more professional fitting windproof jacket for longer Sunday morning club rides.

Any suggestions and advice welcome?

Tony Farrelly replied to Skardy | 15 years ago

Yep we've got plans to review winter kit, and lots more besides. In the meantime here's a few jackets to check out.
For commuting any of the Atura Nevis £49, Altura Night Vision £64, Altura CrossMax also £64 or the Altura or the Altura Reflex £99 would do the job (the more you pay the more breathability you get) are you sensing a theme here - I'd go for the Night Vision myself. The Endura Convert II is a good 'un too - I like that one cos it's a good performance commuting jacket, it's got plenty of reflectives but you can wear it off the bike no problem at all AND it converts into a gilet when/if the sun comes out.
For a closer fitting windproof try the Gore Xenon Windstopper - specifically cut for road riding, close fitting, but roomy enough to allow you to layer up underneath on really cold days and, at about £80, it won't break the bank.

DaveP replied to Tony Farrelly | 15 years ago

How about lights??

Now that I'm in the market for a secure/adjustable/bright rear light.  3

admin replied to DaveP | 15 years ago

well, we're off to ride through the night for 'fun' on saturday and we have some lights to test for that - mostly front units though.

DaveP replied to admin | 15 years ago

Don't hit any potholes.  3

the-daily-ripper replied to Skardy | 15 years ago

I personally really rate my 2xu membrane jacket. It'll neet the 'professional' fitting windproof criteria, and is generally far more stylish than most road kit. It's the staple for my winter riding for sure.

One thing I'd like to see is maybe some reviews of lesser known brands (such as the 2xu type stuff) as generally all that gets tested is the uber-niche fakenger stuff or stuff you can get in Evans, which you can go and test for yourself.

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