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London Cycling Campaign calling for No More Lethal Lorries support

Sign the petition in person or online

None of us likes to think about our own mortality, especially in relation to our passion for cycling.

But here at we have chosen to actively highlight cases where cyclists have been killed on our roads, particularly by HGVs, in the hope of ultimately making Britain a safer place for all of us to ride our bikes.

London poses particular problems for cyclists with its high concentration of commercial vehicles, including those related to the construction industry, negotiating road layouts which, in the main, were designed for horse-drawn traffic and which in places have been dictated by medieval street patterns.

So if you ride in the capital here’s a call to action.

Today, Wednesday March 30 get yourself along to one of nine London locations to sign a petition protesting against preventable deaths caused by HGVs.

The London Cycling Campaign is mobilising cyclists to collectively put pressure on the authorities over the unacceptable levels of danger posed by large, poorly-driven vehicles.

Last week a cyclist and a pedestrian died under the wheels of HGVs and the LCC’s No More Lethal Lorries petition is calling for every council to give low-cost, on-bike training to its HGV drivers to help reduce the number of vulnerable road users killed each year by lorries.

Five boroughs already provide this life-saving training, and with enough signatures the LCC says it can persuade the rest to follow suit.

You can sign the petition online too, but if you do it in person today you may also be interested in meeting some like-minded riders determined to help bring about change. The LCC is inviting all to meet them in the Perseverance public house, Lamb's Conduit Street, WC1N 3NB from 7pm tonight.

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