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UK launch for Looky cyclists' gloves with integral mirror

Clever idea; careful how you wipe your nose, though...

Special cycling mitts with an integrated mirror are in the process of being rolled out to UK bike shops having been developed and sold in the Netherlands.

Revised versions with the mirror mounted on the right thumb specially for countries like Britain where vehicles travel on the left have been successfully trialled and are now available on a secure e-commerce site and eventually through local bike shops. The first UK shop to stock Looky gloves is Ben Hayward Cycles in Cambridge.

Looky mitts are closely based on existing models from numerous manufacturers with a synthetic Alcantara padded palm, stretch material back and tabs to ease removal. The big difference though is a 5 x 2cm convex polycarbonate mirror sewn into a 'frame' integral to the widest part of the right thumb.

Stressing the benefits of hand mounting your rear-view mirror, manufacturers JDVB claim the wide viewing flexibility is particularly useful for parents supervising children and that broken mirrors due to parking errors and potential theft are both issues mitigating against bar-mounting.

The price per pair is €24.95 or £21.49 at today's exhange rate.

Washing procedures are claimed to be similar to those for existing synthetic cycling gloves.


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