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Tech roundup: ANT+ directory, VELECO eco-clothing, Velobici winter range, magnetic bike lights and much more

Sparse lights, KCNC BB adaptors and a new book from the president of Trek Bikes

Plan your ANT+ pairings for the ultimate training ride

ANT+ is the standard wireless transmission protocol for fitness equipment these days, for collection and transfer of sensor data, be that from a heart rate monitor, PowerTap or cadence sensor.

If you're planning a set-up for your bike that'll give you all the info you need for the perfect training session, or perhaps you're hoping for a box with a nice shiny Garmin in your stocking this year, there's now a site with a full directory of ANT+ compatible devices.

The directory is perfectly easy to use: just enter the first piece of equipment you're planning to use, and read a short description of it. From there you can see all the compatible products, and cross check to make sure other monitoring equipment will be suitable too.

For more information, see This Is ANT.



Veleco guilt-free cycle clothing

We mentioned Veleco's fair trade, eco-friendly range of clothing last week, but we liked the thinking behind it all so much that we had to show you their stuff again.

Great for Christmas presents or just treating yourself, it's the kind of clothing that makes you feel good about yourself when you wear it.

Take their Re:Cycle cycling jacket, which wouldn't look embarrassing in the pub. And you get to feel smug about the fact that you've saved 12 plastic bottles from landfill by wearing them around your shoulders.

Firmly in the 'great present' camp, these t-shirts for men and women would raise a smile when discovered under the tree, and all are made from organic cotton.

Veleco workers receive double the minimum local wage. They also pay a 15% premium on every garment made, which supports health and welfare projects for the workers and their families in Pakistan. Their factory is also WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified.

Watch this space, because Brighton-based Veleco have plans to expand, with a range in the making that includes shorts, trousers, luggage and different jackets.

For more info, see Veleco.



Rather sexy bike light design from KiBiSi

These magnetic iFlash One bicycle lights by Danish design studio KiBiSi have one rather awesome feature - snap the light to the bracket using the aforementioned magnet, and they light up automatically.

When you hop off your bike, just collect the front and back units and snap them together magnetically to form one compact unit that slips in your bag for the return journey.

Want the design spiel? Here you go:

"iFlash One is designed with a holistic approach merging light and fitting into one object with an overall and simple DNA.

"I like that the magnet seems magic. Making safety fun and easy through simple everyday usability has been key in this project " said Head of Design at KiBiSi, Lars Larsen.

There are flashing and steady modes, and flashing achieves about 60 hours of runtime, and a wide angle lens gives a decent throw from the beam. The site doesn't make clear whether the light is rechargeable or you'd need to buy new batteries.

Available in four colours.

For more info, visit KiBiSi.



Trek Bicycle President chronicles the history of the family business

It might not have the inherent glamour of Colnago, or one of the other great Italian family-run bike building businesses, but there's a legend behind Trek Bicycles, and its President has decided now is the time to tell it.

'One Last Great Thing' is John Burke’s tribute to the life of his father, founder Richard Burke, known as 'The Big Guy', who in 1976 founded a bicycle company in a red barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

“I wrote the book for my children but the further along I got, the more I thought that what my father left behind could benefit more people than just the family he loved,” said John Burke.

“I hope that readers will find his message as inspirational as I still do."

You can read the first chapter for free here, and make up your mind before you buy. We're still not convinced it's a modern classic, but feel free to prove us wrong.

The book, published by Simon and Schuster, will be available through various Trek retailers, Amazon, and iBooks.



Lovely KCNC SRAM PF30 Bottom Bracket Adapters in funky colours

Convert your BB30 frame to SRAM in the blink of an eye, and with a funky pop of colour. These complete BBs fit Shimano type (24mm axle) and KCNC (25mm axle) cranks in PF30 BB shells.

They screw together using a standard external bearing tool to provide a sealed bottom bracket, and the central 5mm spacer can be removed making them suitable for 68mm road cranks or 68/73mm MTB cranks. 

The bearings are full stainless steel, anodised black, red or gold, to match your mood.

They're £29.99 and weigh 141g.

Available from KCNC.



Cosy kit from Velobici to beat the chill

First up is the long-sleeved thermal and water resistant Van-Chilli jersey, which is designed to do a whole bunch of jobs in one.

It features a full zip, rear drop back hem, five pocket design - two of which are zipped and waterproof - and reflective top pocket binding.

There's a full hem gripper to keep kidneys cosy, and it's branded with embroidered logos front and back.

There's a nice assortment of thermal gear for those in-between moments too - Thermal Leg and Arm Warmers, made from fleece backed water repellent fabric, with reflective details for the dark nights, and specially designed Over Socks made from triple layered Performance fabric for thermal insulation.

For the Christmas shoppers you'll find quite the range of off-bike gear, including organic South African merino wool accessories - there's a cable knit scarf, beanie hat, long cuff gloves and fingerless mitts. All that available in grey and dark grey, or grey and claret.

And if you're in the area, Velobici have opened their first shop in their hometown of Leicester. It's at 19 Francis Street, Stoneygate, Leicester LE2 2BE, open 10-6 Monday to Saturday.

For more info, visit Velobici.



Minimalist bike light that keeps thieves at arm's length

It's that time of year, and you've been lapping up our bike light comparisons, so we don't feel too bad about popping another new light in here.

Here, from the aptly named Sparse, a bike light start-up from San Francisco, comes an ultra-simple front and rear light.

The front light is particularly innovative, given that it replaces a headset spacer, making it more complicated than most thieves would ever both with. And the rear light won't come off unless you can get the seatpost off (so no quick releases then).

The rear light has two blinking modes; a sustained, one-second blink cycle or an automatic mode, that initiates flashing when motion is sensed, and ceases after one full minute of non-motion.

The front light is lower tech in terms of spec, with just on, off and blink modes, but they're designed to be load n' leave commuter blinkies.

The Sparse is currently under Kickstarter funding, with 13 more days to get an initial order in. It's 120 dollars for the set a the moment.

For more info, see Sparse.

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phax71 | 10 years ago

Velobici make some LOVELY stuff..

I got chatting with the wife of the owner at Bespoked earlier this year, they know their onions ..

Pity I'm skint ..

Gkam84 | 10 years ago

I do like the Velobici wool set, looked for it on their site, loving the red and grey set................£135 though. I'd be after pure gold stitching for that amount  19

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