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Tyler Hamilton calls on Bruyneel and Riis to own up to doping

Says that they should be given a fresh start if they do

Tyler Hamilton has urged his former team directors Johan Bruyneel and Bjarne Riis to admit to their part in the doping scandal that engulfed professional cycling, adding that if the do so, they should be allowed to make a fresh start in the sport.

Hamilton rode under both Bruyneel's US Postal team and Riis’s CSC team.

Bruyneel is already under USADA investigation, and like his star USPS rider Lance Armstrong, faces a lifelong ban from the sport if found to have engaged in doping activity.

Riis, hoewever, has never been investigated, despite a tranche of riders who were under his care, including Hamilton, Alberto Contador, Frank Schleck, Jörg Jaksche, Michele Bartoli, Dave Zabriskie, Christian Vande Velde, and Michael Rasmussen all admitting to or being caught with illicit substances.

Hamilton told Cyclingnews that Riis broke more laws than he was letting on during the 1996 Tour de France.

“If they [Riis and Bruyneel] come forward and tell all then why not give them another shot. They shouldn’t just get a free walk. Everyone has to have some sort of consequence,” Hamilton said.

“There’s obviously more that Riis needs to open up about. He should be given that opportunity with some sort of knowledge that he’ll get another chance.

“If not it will remain the same and secrets will remain in the peloton.”

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