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On video: Boardman range 2009 launch

The range of new Boardmans, introduced by the old Boardman


We've been up to the Manchester Velodrome at the behest of Halfords to check out the brand new 2009 range of bikes from Boardman. The man himself was there, of course, as was Nicole Cooke who piloted the Boardman Road Pro to Olympic and World success. The range is a little bigger for the coming year: five road bikes, four urban bikes and a singlespeed too - you gotta have one.

Probably the stand out model on the road side was the £1499 Road Pro Carbon, which is the Olympic and World Championship winning frame kitted out with SRAM force running gear.

Chris was at great pains to point out that the frame is the exact same frame ridden by Nicole, not a lookalike, and to be able to buy a 16.2lb race machine with such a good recent pedigree is, frankly, astonishing. How do they do that?

The race spec – essentially the exact bike that Nicole Cooke rides – weighs in at 14.8lb (we weighed them ourselves just to make sure, and they're not making this up), so to make it race legal you'll have to add a bit of weight somewhere. Zipp carbon wheels and SRAM Red make up the componentry, and the whole thing sells for a penny under three grand. We'll add more to this soon, but we thought you'd like to see what Chris thinks of the new range toppers in the urban and road ranges.

Click here for the Boardman gallery

Dave is a founding father of, having previously worked on Cycling Plus and What Mountain Bike magazines back in the day. He also writes about e-bikes for our sister publication ebiketips. He's won three mountain bike bog snorkelling World Championships, and races at the back of the third cats.

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DaveP | 15 years ago

Been a while since I was last at the Velodrome, I started my stag night with a 'taster' session.  3

If only I'd known you lads were on your way up here.. You could have stopped in for a brew.

mst replied to DaveP | 15 years ago

This happened with my hip hop Jay Z shizzle too! do you boys not like me?

Tony Farrelly replied to mst | 15 years ago

 Video sizing problems - Dave apologised, but it was this morning so think the comment has fallen off the box on the homepage (hmm… just noticed that it's up top).

Sorry fella…


Tony Farrelly | 15 years ago

Considering this is a bike that's been ridden to a World Championship and Olympic Gold - those World Champ stripes are very subtle (see if you can spot 'em) - be good to see them a bit bolder.

If I bought one of these I'd definitely want everyone to know that I was riding a bike with such a great track record. Also what's the deal with having the Olympic Rings on their too - be good to see them on there too…

Oh, and if they are feel free to put me in my place. Mind you, if they are on the bike possibly they're a tad too subtle.

dave atkinson | 15 years ago

I had to re-upload the vid because it was the wrong size, and I lost your comments... sorry!

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