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British teams go head-to-head with Majorca Sa Calobra (which is your fave?) +Videos

On-bike camera footage as Raleigh and IG-Sigma Sport, and Madion Genesis tackle Majorca's fearsome Sa Calobra...

While we have to tough out the horrible weather, those lucky professional cyclists jet off to sunnier climes where they can keep pedalling under the sun and on gloriously smooth roads free of traffic. Of the most popular such escapes is Spanish island Majorca, a veritable paradise for cyclists with usually nice weather, hundreds of kilometres of roads and some mountainous terrain.

If you’ve never been to Majorca, then let these three videos from British teams Genesis-Madison, Team Raleigh and Team IG-Sigma Sport, give you an inkling of what you’re missing out on. The popularity of small, affordable cameras, and the desire of most modern teams to engage directly with their fans through social media, has given rise to unprecedented access to what they get up to away from the race circuit.


In this video Team Raleigh’s videographer Joe Coales accompanied the team on a recent trip to Majorca and captured some spectacular footage of the team in action as they trained on the island’s twisting roads and mountainous terrain.

Sa Calobra is the most famous mountain descent on the island, and this video from Team IG-Sigma Sport takes takes you on a journey through the 26 hairpin turns on the 10km descent.

And lastly, the new team on the block, Madison Genesis, produced this video from their recent early season training camp which we've featured a few weeks ago on the site - like Team IG-Sigma Sport the Madison Genesis boys tackle the Sa Calobra descent. Not sure who wins this particular head to head… what do you think?

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