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Video: Koga BeachRacer

It's designed specifically for racing across the sand, but you can use it on the road and trails too

We showed you the prototype version of Koga’s BeachRacer way back in January – we’re so far ahead of the game, us – and got the chance to check out the finished article at Eurobike recently (okay, it was nearly four weeks ago; we’ve been busy).

If you’re not familiar with the concept of beach racing, it’s exactly what the name suggests – racing across sand. It’s popular over the winter in The Netherlands, which is where Koga are based and it's popular (well, the idea at least) with Vecchiojo who picked it out as one of his Eurobike Faves and who coincidentally lives quite near a beach - even it it's a pebbly one.

Of course, riding on the sand is very different from riding on the road and you need the right tool for the job. Koga actually started out with a cyclocross bike and blended it with a 29er mountain bike.

The frame is made for 7005 aluminium alloy tubes while the Koga Pinza fork is full carbon. The geometry is designed to be very sporty with a steep seat angle, while the brake and shift cables run on top of the top tube. The idea there, as with a cyclocross bike, is that it’s easy to carry the BeachRacer on your shoulder where running is faster than cycling.

The BeachRacer gets a short head tube and a drop handlebar that flares outwards dramatically so you can get into a low and aerodynamic riding position with plenty of control. It has Tektro Spyre disc brakes, a Truvativ single-ring chainset – you’re not going to be tackling long, hard hills – and an EThirteen chain guide.

The rear mech is Shimano Ultegra (you don’t need a front mech, obviously) and the BeachRacer is fitted with a Schwalbe Thunder Burt 2.1 tyre at the front and a Supermoto 2.35 beach tyre at the rear. The complete bike weighs 10.3 kg (22.7lb) according to Koga, and it’s priced at £1,299.

Koga emphasise that although the BeachRacer is designed specifically for the sand, you can also use it for riding fast both on and off road. You might want to change the tyres to suit the surface, though.

For more info, go to Koga’s website

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mrchrispy | 10 years ago

yes I feel there is a fat bike shaped space in my cellar that need filling. the wife need never know!

Raleigh | 10 years ago

Just get a fatbike

bendertherobot replied to Raleigh | 10 years ago
Raleigh wrote:

Just get a fatbike AS WELL

Fixed  3

The Genesis Caribou does rather tickle my fancy

badback | 10 years ago

Looks great fun. Beach racing looks more do-able in the UK than Gravel racing.

Shame I live 70 miles from a beach !

GavinT | 10 years ago

Admit it - you just liked it because of the name of the front tyre!

dafyddp | 10 years ago

stating the obvious perhaps, but doesn't sand + salt + derailleur gears + disc brakes = very short life?

I'd have though it would be better having a carbon frame (less reactive with salt); a hub gear (or no gears at all); and rim brakes that are easy to clean afterwards?

bendertherobot | 10 years ago

is it me or has cycling now truly exploded? Bikes for just about everything and, crucially, a lot of them are useable for so many other purposes.

This looks superb to me. Just brilliant. Would love to have it as an N+1

As an aside, I also wonder whether the era of the 1 x 10 "useful bike" is just round the corner.

Coodsta | 10 years ago

the bastard love child of a cross bike & 29er? sounds perfect to me!

cowspassage | 10 years ago

Bike launches are all about stiffness and compliance. What does these beach bike say about it's, err, good vibrations?

More seriously (almost), what handlebars are those? Previous versions of this bike you featured used Midges.

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