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What can be done about the latest spate of bikejackings? Plus red light-jumping cyclists, 'The Rules' + more on episode 9 of the Podcast

We speak to Alexandar Richardson, the pro who was violently mugged of his bike by a machete-wielding gang in Richmond Park. We also discuss cyclists' behaviour... is red light-jumping really the crime of the century?...

In Episode 9 of the Podcast in association with Cervélo, Alexandar Richardson speaks to us following that notorious bikejacking in Richmond Park. Were also talking about our pet peeves with other cyclists, such as red light jumpers and those who fail to say hi!  

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In the first segment, Tony, Simon, Jack and George discuss the disturbing wave of bikejackings seen in and around London's Richmond Park recently, with signs of this particularly violent type of crime spreading across the country

We then speak to Alexandar Richardson, the Alpecin-Fenix rider who hit the headlines when his prized personal custom bike was stolen by a gang of moped riders in Richmond Park. Threatened with a machete after being pushed off by one of the thieves, Alexandar attempted to "test the water" before realising the gang was "committed to getting the bike." 

"It's just one of those things, you have to move on," said Alexandar. 

"The police say it's probably around 15 people, probably known to police, and it's just a case of tracking them down. 

"Am I shocked? Not really.

"It's surprising when it happens to you and it's a small shock. But that evening was I in real shock or completely surprised? No I wasn't. I got on with my evening because these things happen.

"You've just got to look after yourself and give yourself the best environment that you possibly can to perform. I'm just going to do one last push here with a clear mind, and hopefully I can come back and perform well at nationals." 

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In part 2, we're talking about what annoys us about other cyclists... well some of us, as at least half of the team concludes that there really isn't much that we find annoying about other cyclists!

Does it really get your goat when you see cyclists sail through red lights while you're there patiently waiting for a green? The team debates that typical tabloid stick that cyclists are often beaten with, and we also touch on 'The Rules'... an amusing tongue-in-cheek guide, or a doctrine that has become a textbook of cycling snobbery?

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