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Daily Mail and GB News journalist objects to 20mph speed limits because... cyclists don't pay tax (apparently); Sprinting Fabio Jakobsen smacked in face by fan's phone; Weekend round-up + more on the live blog

It's a new week on the live blog and Dan Alexander will be kicking things off with Monday's offering...
30 January 2023, 11:32
Daily Mail and GB News journalist objects to 20mph speed limits because... cyclists don't pay tax (apparently)

Hope your Monday's going well, or at least was going well until you read this from Daily Mail contributor and GB News presenter Andrew Pierce under his Twitter username @toryboypierce...

It's not Pierce's debut though. Last August, during the height of the Shapps-sparked licences, reg plates debacle, he appeared on Good Morning Britain to deliver an all-time anti-cycling bingo rant...

GMB 17/08/2022

"They are a nightmare. Cyclists are a nightmare. Riding through red lights all the time, riding on the pavement all the time, clattering into people all the time. They are not insured, you don't know who they are, they don't wear helmets."

Anyway, last night's tweet was news to all of us who apparently shouldn't be paying tax...

Of course when we talk about road tax, what we really mean is vehicle excise duty (VED), a tax collected by the DVLA depending on how environmentally-friendly a vehicle is, but hey, shouting road tax is fun apparently...

30 January 2023, 17:23
Riding out of Monday like...

Same time, same place tomorrow when Ryan will be back on blog duty...

30 January 2023, 17:17
Not near miss of the day
30 January 2023, 15:28
Giant Group invests $20 million in Stages
2022 Stages SB20 Smart Bike Indoor Trainer - front leg and detail.jpg

Giant Group has bought 32.5 per cent of Stages Cycling's common stock, according to a filing with the Taiwan stock exchange, first reported by Bicycle Retailer and Industry News.

Giant's board has approved the purchase of $6.5 million common stock in Stages Cycling Inc. and convertible corporate bonds for $13.5 million.

Giant explained: "Through the integration of indoor and outdoor cycling products, Giant Group can offer consumers with a more comprehensive cycling experience, enabling consumers to enjoy the benefits and pleasures from outdoors to indoors and vice versa, and hence improving the overall quality of the cycling experience.

"Through this strategic alliance, Giant Group can further utilise its brand advantage within the professional cycling market and to consolidate both manufacturing and distribution resources to maximise synergies.

"This, on one hand, increases both product and service values and, on another hand, creates a seamless online and offline cycling ecosystem, thereby accomplishing the goal of future gradual long-term operation performance gains and enabling Giant Group to continue to grow."

30 January 2023, 14:59
"It is not realistic to lend helmets": Japanese bike hire providers face challenge of upcoming mandatory helmet law
Met Manta Mips Aero Road helmet

The incoming mandatory helmet law coming into effect in Japan in April is proving to be difficult for bike hire providers, with one representative of a Tokyo bike share scheme saying it is "not realistic to lend helmets because of the high hurdles involved in preventing theft and disinfecting them after use".

"Our customers may have to bring their own," the representative for Docomo Bike Share Inc. concluded.

Critics of the law worry it will prevent people using cycling as a spontaneous mode of transport. Meanwhile the municipal government had been planning a move to ensure Baybike becomes the main means of transport after buses and trains, something it worries the helmet law could threaten.

30 January 2023, 14:50
To wave or not to wave?
Cyclists waving at RAB - Tass Whitby.JPG

Jo's penned another opinion piece and something tells me this one might cause some discussion...

> No, I don't wave at other cyclists when I'm out for a ride... isn't a simple nod of acknowledgement enough?

30 January 2023, 14:34
Bike Wheels & Tyres Of The Year | 2023 Awards Show

30 January 2023, 12:48
Injuries caused by potholes cost Scottish councils £3m
Pothole (Simon Kroner/Facebook)

The Times has revealed people travelling in Scotland have been awarded more than £3 million in compensation by councils for pothole-induced injuries. More than 1,000 cyclists, motorists and pedestrians have had claims settled in the past five years.

> Cyclists injured on Edinburgh tram line paid £1.2m in compensation

"Far too many roads across Scotland are covered in potholes," Jim Densham from Cycling UK Scotland said. "Hit a pothole when driving and it could be an expensive trip to the garage but if you’re cycling you could end up in hospital or worse."

Richmond pothole ( reader)

> Is there a pothole crisis on Britain's roads?

Figures showed that there were 1,040 personal injury claims in relation to potholes and other defective road surfaces between 2017-18 and 2021-22, with the total bill at £3.3 million.

30 January 2023, 12:17
Challenge Mallorca bonus sprint


30 January 2023, 09:13
You've seen the bad... but here's the good stuff you might have missed at Vuelta a San Juan this weekend

Max Richeze, who recently said he was "disappointed" in Mark Cavendish after the sprinter "stopped answering his phone" when the whole B&B Hotels project was collapsing, took the acclaim of the peloton before last night's stage having decided to retire after his home race...

If it was one fan's phone which caused all the bad publicity, here's another group of fans who we'd rather think are representative of the race's support...


30 January 2023, 08:56
Sprinting Fabio Jakobsen smacked in face by fan's phone

Road racing is definitely back if silly scenes such as these are on our screens...

In what other sport would you get over-zealous fans causing their heroes risk of serious injury, enabled by inadequate safety infrastructure at events? It has got to make you flinch thinking about speeding up the inside towards victory knowing any one of the hundreds of spectators could knock you to the ground with an outstretched arm. Even more so when you remember what Fabio Jakobsen has been through...

Jakobsen finished second, behind double stage winner Sam Welsford, and was pictured with red marks on his sunglassless face at the finish...

Elsewhere at the race this weekend, Miguel Ángel López had something of a point to prove at his first event out of the WorldTour and dominated Friday night's queen stage, putting 30 seconds into the field on the high-altitude summit finish, followed home by... Filippo Ganna!?

Ganna powered ahead of Egan Bernal and Remco Evenepoel on the mountaintop finish, but with two sprint stages to go, couldn't claw back any time on López, the now-Team Medellín–EPM rider winning his first race for his new team. Sergio Higuita was third.

Dan joined in 2020, and spent most of his first year (hopefully) keeping you entertained on the live blog. At the start of 2022 he took on the role of news editor. Before joining, Dan wrote about various sports, including football and boxing for the Daily Express, and covered the weird and wonderful world of non-league football for The Non-League Paper. Part of the generation inspired by the 2012 Olympics, Dan has been 'enjoying' life on two wheels ever since and spends his weekends making bonk-induced trips to the petrol stations of the south of England.

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