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Cyclist completes epic 600km charity ride around Regent's Park

Riding in memory of his daughter, Gabriel Sayer racked up 602.78km (375 miles) at an average speed of 29.3km/h (18 mph)

Want to make your legs hurt without actually riding your bike? Have a read of Gabriel Sayer's mentally and physically demanding challenge — riding 600km around the same 4.4km loop that makes up the Outer Circle of Regent's Park...

The loop is popular with riders in the capital looking for a break from the congestion and stop/start riding, and Gabriel has been cycling there since 2004 (not continuously, of course, but considering this effort we wouldn't put it past him).

Over 20 punishing hours in the saddle, and with the help of some cycling friends, Gabriel racked up 602.78km at an impressive average speed of 29.3km/h (18.2mph).

Fuelled by Double Deckers, fish and chips, Jelly Babies and a full English, he completed more than 130 laps of the park over the course of one fatiguing day and night in the saddle.

Gabriel was riding in memory of his daughter, Molly, who passed away unexpectedly a year ago at the age of 22, and is raising money for Whizz-Kidz, a charity committed to supporting young wheelchair users.

Donations to the ride's JustGiving page have smashed the £3,000 target, and currently sit at £5,015.

"I have been cycling round Regent's Park since 2004," Gabriel told "Over the years I have cycled with many different groups. I did this ride for Whizz-Kidz who are a fantastic charity that really make a difference. 'The right wheelchair is more than just a set of wheels; it can be the key to unlocking a young person's potential'.

"As an able-bodied cyclist it feels good to help others improve their mobility. The ride was made very special by the support of over 20 different cyclists who rode with me for four-hour blocks. They were all friends I had made through our shared love of cycling. They helped pace me through the night and provided food and water including fish and chips at 11pm and a full English breakfast at 7.

"What a fantastic day with so much support from a fantastic crew of helpers. I feel truly privileged to know so many generous and caring people."

Chapeau! Gabriel's Strava is private so if you want to drop some kudos, better swing by his JustGiving page...

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Rendel Harris | 1 year ago

Incredible effort for a great cause, donated - 161W and nearly 30 kph, I'd be happy with those numbers for a 100km ride!

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