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Video shows cyclist being knocked down at roundabout

The cyclist said he couldn't understand how the motorist could drive off after the collision...

A shocking video shows the moment a hit and run driver ploughs into a cyclist at a roundabout. 

The rider said he still cannot understand how the motorist could just drive away after the high speed collision. 

Yorkshire Live spoke to Mr Hague, 48,  who said:  “I was commuting to work, and one minute I was riding normal, the next thing a young lady was picking me up from the road.

“I went into the roundabout and noticed the car on my left, but that’s all I have, to be honest. Unfortunately, I don’t remember anything else.

“I banged up my right elbow, right knee, one my calves. Thankfully it’s just bruises, but I think I was really lucky considering the driver didn’t even stop; they drove right into me.”

"The fact that he didn’t even stop and look up how I’m doing really annoys me. The driver had no interest in my welfare. The video didn’t pick it up, but the car was travelling at a high speed.

“You are not telling me you can’t see or feel a fully grown man on a bike coming in the roundabout. I’m sorry, but that’s just can’t be true.

“I’m really angry, sad and disappointed at the same time. I’m disappointed in the driver, as a human being. One thing is sure that had I done something like that, I [wouldn't have] been able to drive away.”

Mr Hague, an experienced cyclist, added: “There are some near misses every single day, but that’s it.

"I cycle thousands of miles a year, so I know what I’m doing, but car drivers sometimes just don’t pay attention.”

A spokeswoman for South Yorkshire Police said they were trying to trace the hit-and-run driver.

She said: “Police were called at around 7am on Monday 15 February to reports of a road traffic collision at West Bar Roundabout, Sheffield.

“It is reported that a cyclist was hit by a car, which then failed to stop and continued in the direction of Sheffield Parkway. The cyclist suffered minor injuries in the collision.

“Police are appealing for anyone who may have information about the collision to come forward."

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zero_trooper replied to jasecd | 3 years ago

Disk brakes & super tuck?

No! We want his opinions on NIPs! angry

mdavidford replied to zero_trooper | 3 years ago
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zero_trooper wrote:

Disk brakes & super tuck?

No! We want his opinions on NIPs! angry

I believe they renamed it PSNI.

zero_trooper replied to Captain Badger | 3 years ago

What he said +1

zero_trooper replied to Inspector Kevin Smith SYP | 3 years ago
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I'm presuming that as we know the direction the car came from and the direction it left in and the correct time (or thereabouts) and it being a city centre that two minutes either way there will be cameras covering other traffic lights etc?


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