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Driver in America arrested for using vehicle as deadly weapon after trying to run cyclist off road

He allegedly had a gun in a holster when he made the threats but it was his vehicle that officers classed as the deadly weapon

A road rage incident in America took a shocking turn after a driver allegedly sped past a cyclist and clipped him with his wing mirror, before following him to his workplace and threatening to murder him.

The rider, Nikolas Johnson, claimed that after hitting him with his vehicle the 'irate' driver began yelling death threats at him. 

The motorist, Joshua Angle, 33, then took things a step further and allegedly began trying to drive his car into the cyclist as if he was 'trying to run him off the road'.

He was eventually arrested on a charge of 'felony menacing with a deadly weapon' - with the police officer reportedly saying the car being driven was the weapon in question. 

According to an arrest affidavit, which is filled out by the arresting officer and states the facts and circumstances surrounding an arrest, the incident, which occurred in Durango, Colorado on April 13, began after Angle shouted at the cyclist to 'get the f*** off the road'.

According to Mr Johnson, as the vehicles moved through the intersection, Angle sped past him, hitting him with his passenger-side mirror in the process.

The collision broke the mirror and Angle reportedly began yelling 'you broke my mirror' and 'I'm going to kill you', The Durango Herald report.

Mr Johnson said he 'vacated the scene quickly in fear for his life' but the motorist pursued him as 'if he was trying to run [Mr Johnson] over with his vehicle'.

Eventually, Mr Johnson was able to reach his workplace, a local cycling shop, where he retreated inside and locked the door behind him. 

According to another employee, Angle approached the door and demanded to know if Mr Johnson was inside.

At this point, both men called the police.

Upon their arrival, Angle confirmed that the collision occurred at the intersection, but blamed the broken car mirror on a punch from the cyclist, not him clipping the rider as he passed.

According to Angle, the cyclist was angry that he had stopped too close behind the rider at the intersection.

 Angle denied making any death threats but appeared to admit saying 'Stop or I'll beat your ass'.

Officer Jake Graves made the decision to arrest Angle on the charge of 'felony menacing with a deadly weapon', which is a class five felony.

While Angle had a sidearm in a holster at the time of the incident, the vehicle is what was considered the 'deadly weapon', as Angle was allegedly threatening Johnson with running him over.

No injuries were found on the cyclist and Angle has since posted bail.

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