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Elaine Paige blames empty cycle lane for traffic jam woes and accuses Sadiq Khan of 'killing' London

The singer could not understand why she was sat in gridlocked traffic while trying to drive across London

Elaine Paige took to Twitter to vent her fury at being stuck in traffic while trying to drive across London at 7pm on a Friday. Her target? Sadiq Khan and cycle lanes.

The singer tweeted: "Sat in horrendous traffic on Park Lane trying to get from Sth London to Nth London whilst staring at a wide empty cycle lane while there's another empty cycle lane adjacent in Hyde Park! @SadiqKhan despite a dubious appeal hearing you are killing this great city of ours!"

Paige referenced a "dubious appeal", likely hitting out at Transport for London's appeal victory earlier this week which saw the Court of Appeal reverse a High Court ruling that Streetspace active travel measures were unlawful.

Streetspace initiatives began during the first lockdown last spring and aim to promote active travel and making roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians by providing more space and safer infrastructure.

Paige also shared a picture advertising the 'Stop the Road Closures' march protesting against low traffic neighbourhoods in the capital next Saturday. In 2019, the singer hastily deleted a tweet complaining about Ride London road closures preventing her driving home.

"If cyclists paid road tax, as I do, I wouldn't feel quite so disgruntled," she tweeted at the time.

Many of the replies to Paige's latest Twitter rant reminded the singer that she is part of the traffic and that congestion in London has been a problem for far longer than since cycle lanes. Others simply suggested she buy a bike and make use of the empty lane.

Elisabeth Anderson had a go at rewording the rant: "Causing horrendous traffic on Park Lane trying to get from Sth London to Nth London which is an easy journey by public transport! Despite our dubious appeal hearing trying to block safe infrastructure we are still killing this great city of ours!"

 Another reply said: "Not having a cycle lane would make little difference, the road would still be congested. And people's lives would be put at risk by not having safe cycle infrastructure. I suggest you use the rail network if you want to avoid traffic (which you are adding to by the way!)"

This is not the first time the cycle lane on Park Lane has caused outrage. Last month, Conservative politician Tony Devenish called it a "nonsense" and demanded it be removed to "reduce congestion and improve air quality".

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