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Hit-and-run driver laughed at seriously injured cyclist before fleeing crash scene

"To this day I still don't understand why anyone would be so cruel. It wasn't a minor incident — I was knocked off my bike and seriously injured"...

Almost a year on since Simon Woodings was seriously injured when he was hit by a driver in Burton upon Trent the 43-year-old cyclist still does not understand what motivated the "cruel" driver to get out of their vehicle, laugh at him and then drive off.

The dad, who suffered significant ankle fractures in the collision and still needs treatment for the injuries, thought the driver would offer help but instead laughed at his pain and fled the scene.
"To this day I still don't understand why anyone would be so cruel. It wasn't a minor incident; I was knocked off my bike and seriously injured," he told Staffordshire Live via Irwin Mitchell Solicitors who shared the story as part of a renewed appeal for information.
The incident happened near the junction of Evershed Way and Uxbridge Street in the Staffordshire town on Sunday 5 December last year and saw the cyclist knocked off his bike by the driver of a silver Peugeot.
The collision caused injury to Mr Woodings' ankle and foot, the latter was broken and needed surgery to insert titanium plates and pins, and left him in hospital for 10 days.
"One moment I was cycling along the road and the next thing I remember was something crashing into me and being on the ground," he recalled.
"The next thing the pain kicked in and the driver got out of the car. Initially I thought they were going to see how I was but then he started laughing at me.
"As other people started to stop or come out of houses to see what was happening, he got back in the car and drove off. To this day I still don't understand why anyone would be so cruel. It wasn't a minor incident — I was knocked off my bike and seriously injured.
"Before the collision I had started cycling to exercise and help lose weight and was really enjoying getting out on my bike. Now I'm still not right. I struggle to put weight on my foot and I find mobilising difficult following my accident.
"I haven't been able to go out on my bike, not just because of my injuries, but also the psychological impact of what happened. I remember a man, who I think was Latvian, stopped shortly after the collision and helped me. I would like to thank him and others who also helped me until the ambulance arrived.
The man stayed with the injured cyclist until the emergency services arrived at the scene and even dropped his bicycle back to Mr Wooding's house while he was being treated in hospital.
"The last few months have been incredibly stressful for me and it's been difficult to accept what happened," Mr Woodings continued. 
"I know I still face challenges in my recovery but it's something I'm determined to focus on. Therefore, I'd be so grateful if anyone who had any information about the collision which will allow me to receive ongoing rehabilitation and support can help."
The cyclist's legal team from Irwin Mitchell has made a renewed appeal for witnesses or those with dash or helmet camera footage to come forward.
"The last few months have been incredibly difficult for Simon as he battles to overcome the serious injuries that he sustained," specialist serious injury lawyer Kelly Lingard said.
"Many months on he's still in a lot of pain, is unable to walk very far and continues to struggle with his mobility. Not only were the injuries Simon suffered bad enough but he also had to suffer the upset of the driver getting out of his vehicle and laughing at him as he lay on the ground in pain.
"Simon is likely to require extensive, ongoing physiotherapy and other specialist rehabilitation and we’re determined to support him the best we can. Therefore we're appealing for anyone who may have more information or footage of the collision, the moments leading up to it or its aftermath, to get in touch.
"Any detail could be key in helping us secure the ongoing rehabilitation Simon needs to overcome his injuries and get more of his life back. We also hope his case acts as a warning to the consequences vulnerable road users such as cyclists can face because of the actions of others and the need for everyone to take care on the roads."
Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Kelly Lingard at Irwin Mitchell via the email: kelly.lingard [at] 

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The Accountant replied to Rendel Harris | 1 year ago
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I don't blame you for thinking the story sounds made up, but I guarantee you it's 100% true and correct, I swear on your life.

It's only 40 or so miles from London but it might as well be half the world away in terms of culture and attitude. Bravo to the kind old man for stopping in his top of the range Lexus to see if the cyclist was ok and making such a kind offer.

Rendel Harris replied to The Accountant | 1 year ago
Nigel Garrage wrote:

It's only 40 or so miles from London but it might as well be half the world away in terms of culture and attitude.

You really do have a complex about London, don't you? I'm probably a fairly typical London cyclist, totting up I have stopped and given people (and fitted) a new innertube three times this year, stopped twice to help people who had falls, including waiting half an hour with a guy's bike after he had gone off in the ambulance (broken collarbone) for his wife to come and collect his bike, and escorted a lady back to her home after she was shaken up by an aggressive driver. I have never had a mechanical or puncture in London without a fellow cyclist stopping within minutes to check whether I need any help.

chrisonabike replied to Rendel Harris | 1 year ago

You forget - as a (very) recent immigrant Rakia has just naturalised exceptionally quickly.  So they've picked up both colloquial language and the attitudes of some of the natives.  As in "London's full of crims and people not from round here; I don't like it and I got out to the leafy lanes and quiet cul-de-sacs of Essex as fast as I could".

perce replied to The Accountant | 1 year ago

Well it's a six pinter week for us this week. We've run out and won't be going until tomorrow. We don't need any at the moment though because we don't take milk in our hot drinks and we'll be going before breakfast. Eggs are in short supply too

chrisonabike replied to perce | 1 year ago
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What's that got to do with the price of eggs?!  Oh, good point!

The Accountant replied to perce | 1 year ago

Eggs are in short supply, well spotted. I was at Aldi this morning and they'd limited purchases to one box per person. I noted this sign, and forecast (as an expert in human cognition and behaviour) that people would be drawn - like moths to a flame - to the egg aisle.

Lo and behold, when I got there, swarms of people were buzzing around like flies over dog turd. I frowned at this rather unrefined scene and exited pronto with my box of bran flakes.

brooksby replied to The Accountant | 1 year ago
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The article I saw about it said a supermarket was rationing to three boxes (18 eggs) in a single purchase.  I don't think I've bought that many eggs in a single purchase in my life...

Bungle_52 | 1 year ago

Another situation where a camera would have not only helped the cyclist concerned but may also have got a dangerous driver punished and even removed from the roads for a while, making the roads safer for everyone else.

Well done to the motorist who stopped and helped.

I hope the motorist is caught and Simon makes a full recovery.

essexian | 1 year ago

And the police are doing what???


(I live in Staffordshire despite the username so this is local to me). 

S13SFC replied to essexian | 1 year ago

I live in Staffordshire too.


Our police force is under special measures for a reason.


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