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Just Eat cyclist spotted riding along M5 hard shoulder

West Midlands Police said it will be "carrying out enquiries" after seeing the footage of the cyclist riding metres away from 70mph traffic...

A Just Eat delivery rider was caught on a motorist's dash cam cycling along the hard shoulder of the M5 motorway as vehicles sped past at 70mph. Driver Paul Elliot told Mail Online he spotted the cyclist as he travelled between the M6 junction 8 and M5 southbound junction 1 in Birmingham on November 30.

A spokesperson from West Midlands Police said they had reviewed the footage and would be carrying out enquiries.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Just Eat said the company could not confirm the cyclist was a worker "without seeing their face" and said it had "no reports of anyone from Just Eat down the motorway."

National Highways traffic officer Dave Harford told the online new website, "The M5 is a really busy motorway and this type of activity is not only illegal but it's also reckless. We'd always remind people to familiarise themselves with the law before setting off."

Back in 2017 a cyclist pedalled for three days to defend himself at Exeter Magistrates' Court after being stopped by police on the M5, where he had been spotted cycling on the hard shoulder.

Balin Hobbs said it is against his spiritual beliefs to be driven in petrol or diesel vehicles, but insisted he had not intended to use the motorway for his cycle from Bristol to London. Hobbs was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge.

Cyclist on motorway sightings are surprisingly common with many blaming incorrect directions from mapping apps, including this one from March where a rider was photographed pedalling past a 'Report of Cyclist' sign.

In July, a Deliveroo delivery cyclist was spotted using the M8 near Glasgow after his sat nav took him down the "wrong road".

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Owd Big 'Ead | 2 years ago


Took a cargobike down Llandegla this weekend.

Beat that?

ktache | 2 years ago

I would of course hope that there would be an equal if not more intense furore, with similar if not more determined enquiries by the forces of the law, to reports of motor vehicles being driven in cycle lanes...

BIRMINGHAMisaDUMP | 2 years ago

That would definitely be his/her phone app navigator. The poor person was probably scared witless when they realised where they were and they couldn't turn around. 

Sriracha replied to BIRMINGHAMisaDUMP | 2 years ago
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Sure, it's against the highway code to about-turn on the motorway! Pedestrians not allowed either. So basically, once your sucked on to the motorway you're stuffed.

Bigpikle | 2 years ago

I get passed every single day by traffic going that fast or faster and they certainly aren't meters away - a couple of feet maximum most of the time!

giff77 | 2 years ago
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It used to be that motorways had signage highlighting prohibited vehicles on the slip road. Maybe time to be reintroduced. Same sign also existed when a dualled A-Road became a motorway. Parts of the A1 are like this and if not familiar with the area you can get caught out Blyth and Pontefract being two that spring to mind. Another is where the A11 peels off before the M11 starts. I bet most folk can name other suspect roads. Though why anyone would opt to cycle on any of these carriageways I mentioned is beyond me. 

AlsoSomniloquism replied to giff77 | 2 years ago

Although to get to the section he did, you have an awful island entrance on the actual inside turn of the island and then a good mile of no hard shoulder so he was lucky to make it that far alive. Even longer of no hard shoulder from the other direction.

giff77 replied to AlsoSomniloquism | 2 years ago

Haven't driven that section for a long time. But used to quite regularly. That whole interchange was pretty awful at the best of times. Really disliked it with intensity! 

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