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Marco Haller's Specialized Tarmac crushed by reversing driver

Bora-Hansgrohe pro had stopped behind the car when the driver, who thought Haller's SL7 was a branch, drove over his team bike three times...

The team bike of Bora-Hansgrohe's Marco Haller, an enviable Specialized Tarmac SL7 kitted out to a value of around €20,000, was crushed by an unnoticing driver who reversed over it as the Austrian leapt off at the last-minute... before the motorist drove over it twice more.

Speaking to Austrian news website Kleine Zeitung, Haller explained how he had been riding in his home country, in the mountainous Ossiacher Tauern area, when he followed a pick-up truck driver down a single-lane road.

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Meeting oncoming traffic the driver stopped, Haller deciding against overtaking and waiting behind the vehicle.

"Suddenly the white reversing lights came on," he recalled. "At the last moment I managed to get off the pedals with my racing shoes."

Marco Haller Tour Down Under 2023 (Zac Williams/

 [Zac Williams/]

The driver reversed over the team-issue Tarmac SL7, crushing it below its rear wheels. "In the end he had to go over it again, three times in all. Crazy," Haller added. "But the bad thing is that something like this doesn't have to happen because of excessive risk. As I said, I confessed. Imagine what happens in the city at a traffic light and a child is sitting on the bike.

"It's about more sensitivity here. I was very lucky because we constantly practice an emergency dismount. But that can also end very differently."

Marco Haller Gent Wevelgem 2023 (Zac Williams/

 [Zac Williams/]

Haller's training bike has been replaced by Bora-Hansgrohe, the driver opting against offering comment to the Austrian news outlet.

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It is not the first time Haller has suffered incident while training in his native country. Back in 2018, during his Katusha Alpecin days, he was unable to race for several months after being hit by a driver during a training ride with Bernie Eisel and suffering several fractures to his knee.

"I was riding with Bernie Eisel and was sitting in his wheel on a slight downhill, when suddenly a car, ignoring the stop sign, came at us from the right," Haller said at the time. "Bernie just managed to escape him, but I could not do that and hit the driver's door at full speed. My bike was completely destroyed and my knee as well."

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Rapha Nadal | 12 months ago

I'd imagine his bike doesn't vary too much from the Dura Ace Di" equipped SL7 so how could it be worth close to €20,000 when they're much less to buy off the shelf?

mark1a replied to Rapha Nadal | 12 months ago
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I was wondering that myself, until I concluded that it was in case the driver's insurance company are reading

Rendel Harris replied to Rapha Nadal | 12 months ago

Rapha Nadal wrote:

I'd imagine his bike doesn't vary too much from the Dura Ace Di" equipped SL7 so how could it be worth close to €20,000 when they're much less to buy off the shelf?

It's on the Specialized concept store at £13,950 (€15,795), add Dura Ace pedals (€200) and Pro bars and stem (€700), neither included on the stock model, a few hundred more for bits and pieces like out-front mounts, bottle cages plus whatever the cost of producing the custom team paintjob...could certainly see it coming within 10% of €20k.

marmotte27 | 12 months ago

"pick-up truck driver"

When are pick-up trucks with their all-around poor visibility finally forbidden?

ChuckSneed | 12 months ago

Should have had a camera on it to record the incident

StillTrying replied to ChuckSneed | 12 months ago

ChuckSneed wrote:

Should have had a camera on it to record the incident


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