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"I don't see why the next 12 months should be any different": New mayor pledges to cycle to all events

Worcester's new mayor is keen to promote the "health and environmental benefits of cycling" by riding his bike to engagements... except when the "posh hat is required"...

Any Worcester readers could soon spot a familiar face pedalling about town as the city's newly elected mayor has pledged to cycle to events in a bid to promote the "health and environmental benefits of cycling".

Cllr Louis Stephen, the city's first Green Party mayor, was elected earlier in May and shared a snap on social media of him posing next to his bike, announcing his promise to "endeavour to arrive at all events by bike".

"My promotion of the health and environmental benefits of cycling will not stop whilst I'm mayor," he said. "Possible rare exceptions may be when I'm being accompanied by the mayoress and a posh hat is required."

Speaking to Worcester News, Cllr Stephen said he wants to "lead by example" and prove he is "talking the talk" on green transport.

"I've always used my bike and I try and travel using it whenever I can so I don't see why the next 12 months should be any different," he told the local news website.

"Obviously a lot of occasions will call for suits or fancier dress but I'm going to be trying my best to attend every duty I can by bike. There are a range of benefits to cycling when you can including the physical but just as importantly the mental health side and it even frees up some road space for people who do need to use a car.

"If you can use your bike then I think it's a very good thing to do and so I want to be a leader and show people that if the mayor of Worcester is doing it, then so can you."

Marking the start of his role, Cllr Stephen joined the city's children and volunteers for one of their morning cycle buses, helping youngsters cycle to school.

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Browsie | 1 year ago

Kudos to the new mayor , leading by example, just hope he doesn't get his chain caught up in his chain 🤔

chrisonabike replied to Browsie | 1 year ago
1 like

Good point, he should get a belt drive instead, that'd avoid any accessory-caught-by-bike mishaps!

morgoth985 | 1 year ago

Well done that man.  Bonus points if he can manage to wear his mayoral robes while doing so.  Posh hat can go on the luggage rack.

chrisonabike replied to morgoth985 | 1 year ago

He wouldn't get an entry to certain former (?) posters' parties if he turned up like that...

ymm | 1 year ago

Great to see and a good example of a city leader considering the benefits to all from his approach. 👍

belugabob | 1 year ago

Chapeau, sir (well, unless you're taking your chapeau)

hawkinspeter | 1 year ago

I wonder if he's going to use his Mayoral chain to lock up his bike? I bet it'd be gold rated.

Car Delenda Est | 1 year ago

Very cool, they should join a car club for the posh hat events to show that there truly is an alternative lifestyle.

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