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Passenger filmed climbing out of a moving car and trying to push cyclist

The man who witnessed the incident said he 'couldn't believe what he was seeing' ...

A video shows the shocking moment a passenger climbs out through the window of a moving car in a bid to push over a cyclist.

The clip was caught on a dashcam as Daniel Tereszczuk, 34, and his nine-year-old son drove through Tyldesley, near Wigan.

The passenger in the back seat of a Volkswagen Golf driving in front of the pair can be seen climbing out the window and attempting to push a cyclist in a hi-vis jacket off his bike.

Although the cyclist avoids falling and doesn’t appear fazed by the shocking move, stay at home dad, Daniel, said he was left stunned.

He said: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“I had my son in the car with me and he was in complete shock too.

"Even he knows how stupid doing something like that is.

“I was trying to see what the driver's reaction was by looking in the wing mirror but I think he was completely oblivious.

“He didn’t seem to know or care.”

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