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Police investigate as cyclist and pedestrian killed in separate crashes, man arrested

West Midlands Police say a third pedestrian was also injured, the driver of the vehicle eventually crashing into a house nearby

A cyclist and a pedestrian have been killed as police in Coventry investigate a series of collisions in the West Midlands city yesterday morning.

A 33-year-old man has been arrested, West Midlands Police saying they were called to Gosford Street at 8am where two pedestrians had been hit, one later dying, before a cyclist was then fatally struck in Woodway Lane.

The driver of the car then "collided with" a house on Beckbury Road, with a man fleeing on foot before he was soon located on the same street, a drone team and police dogs called in.

A man was arrested at around 9am and is being questioned by officers regarding the series of collisions. The third pedestrian is said to be being treated for injuries which are not believed to be life threatening.

"We are still in the very early stages of our investigations"

Superintendent Ronan Tyrer, from Coventry Local Policing Area, said: "We have now informed the families of all those involved in today's tragic incidents and our thoughts remain firmly with them at this truly devastating time.

"We are still in the very early stages of our investigations and we have several scenes across Coventry which also means that some roads will be closed for a considerable time.

"We are also searching CCTV and making enquiries and would appeal to anyone who has any information that could help our investigations to contact us at their earliest opportunity."

The 44-year-old pedestrian and cyclist who lost their lives were taken to critical care but could not be saved. Multiple roads remained closed on Sunday afternoon as officers investigated, however they have since reopened.

Pictures from the Beckbury Road collision showed officers standing guard in front of a roadside property, with a vehicle crashed into the front of it, surrounded by barriers and a police tape cordon.

A West Midlands Police spokesperson said it is "believed that the car has been involved in several collisions before colliding into a house on Beckbury Road [in Walsgrave].

"Officers, including the drones team and dog unit, were called to search for the suspect after a man made off from the scene."

Gosford Street where the first collision involving the pedestrians occurred is near the city centre, around four miles to the west of the second two collisions in the suburban streets of Woodway Lane, where the cyclist was killed, and the final crash site at Beckbury Road.

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Daclu Trelub | 10 months ago

"A cyclist and a pedestrian have been killed as police in Coventry investigate a series of collisions in the West Midlands city yesterday morning."

That's amazingly careless of the police.

brooksby | 10 months ago

I don't think comments on this story are quite as closed as admins thought they were... 

HoldingOn | 10 months ago
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Deleted: apologies, didn't realise comments were closed.

polainm | 10 months ago

Cyclists are so dangerous. The way they ride someone could be injured or killed. Meanwhile 1500kg machines are not used as murder weapons because drivers pay 'road tax' and have a driving licence. 


Please post a monthly article on cyclists having numerous collisions and then requiring a police drone to track down after leaving multiple deaths in their wake. 

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