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news Recommends gets refreshed with 14 brilliant products

Santini, Mason, Assos, Altura, Restrap and Ortlieb are just some of the brands included. recommends is back and this month we have a massive 14 products to take a look at. It also comes with a new episode of the YouTube show with myself and Jamie back on the sofa to run through all of the products. In the show there’s also some useful buying advice and our very own Jo Burt has been on a lovely ride, so we’ll show you his recommended route and cafe of choice.

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But first, let’s take a look at all of the products that have made it this month.

Santini Unico Men’s Bib Shorts
Ortlieb Seat-Pack QR
Bike Fit 2nd Edition by Phil Burt
2022 Mason Definition Chorus
EatMyRide nutrition app Fanatic subscription
Restrap Race Saddle Bag 7L
Beryl – In Search of Britain’s Greatest Athlete
Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket
76 Projects Micro Piggy Stick On
Carla Cargo Trailer
Altura Progel Women’s Waist Shorts
Restrap Race Frame Bag Small
Assos Mille GT Bib Shorts C2
Lost Lanes Central

Ortlieb Seat-Pack QR RCCR

Ortlieb’s Seat Pack QR is a saddle bag that just doesn’t wobble. It mounts extremely easily via an ingenious yet simple system that clamps to your saddle rails and is compatible with both fixed or dropper seat posts. It is waterproof, has 13L of capacity and the usual Ortlieb signature air release valve.

The bag features the usual high-quality welded construction with a wide opening and easy access waterproof roll-top style closure. That air release valve then helps you roll the bag down tight by releasing any trapped air. It's easy to fit too, but we do recommend checking the handy infographic before purchasing just to check.

EatMyRide nutrition app RCCR

The EatMyRide Nutrition App is an excellent app for improving your cycling performance, in which nutrition is often the key to doing well. It’s intuitive to use and provides heaps of useful data, tips and advice. Plus it comes in free as well as paid subscription forms, so you can try it without financial commitment.

Beryl – In Search of Britain’s Greatest Athlete RCCR

Beryl - In Search of Britain’s Greatest Athlete is a fascinating insight into one of the most dominant athletes of all time.

In a self-explanatory chapter called Just how fast was she?, Wilson goes to a wind tunnel and measures the performance of a rider using Burton's original equipment and riding position, and then compares this with the same rider using everything from the modern era.

It was not a surprise to discover that Burton would go considerably faster with today's kit, but the real benefit of the test is to predict with considerable confidence that she would still hold the women's record for every standard distance except the 10-mile time trial.

2022 SiS beta fuel

In the YouTube show, I demand the return of Tommy Voeckler and his short shorts, Jamie gives his top products for fuelling while out on the bike and we announce our product of the month.

Jo Burt has been out and about riding his bike and he has recommended a cracking route with…wait for it… a double cafe stop! Incredible scenes.

Head over to Recommends to check out all the latest additions, as well as those from previous months. 

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