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Limar launches 007 Superlight aero road helmet

Here's another new aero road helmet to add to your shopping list

You can’t be a bicycle helmet manufacturer and not offer an aero road cycling helmet these days, and Italian company Limar has added the 007 Superlight to its 2016 range.

Limar 007 Superlight helmet - 2.jpg

The 007 Superlight helmet has clearly been designed to reduce drag, with a smooth exterior and a minimum number of ventilation ports. There are just six air vents in total, the biggest a wide slim vent right at the front, over the brow, designed to scoop cooling in into the helmet and channel it over the top of the head. There are a couple of smaller side vents and ‘exhaust’ ports around the back.

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Limar 007 Superlight helmet - 3.jpg

The new helmet is manufactured using a monoshell inmould process with a Competition+ Fit System, the company’s retention device with a micro-dial and height adjustment. There’s a magnetic buckle and antibacterial pads inside. Despite its super light moniker, it’s not fantastically light, with a claimed 320g weight making it quite a bit heavier than the Bontrager Ballista’s 266g.

Limar 007 Superlight helmet - 5.jpg

Limar doesn’t offer any aerodynamic claims for its new 007 Superlight helmet though, so we can’t offer you an drag information. We can tell you it is available in several colours and will cost €220 (UK price TBC).  More at and

Limar 007 Superlight helmet - 6.jpg

Aero road helmets have become hugely popular in recent years, first being embraced by professional racers seeking ever more marginal gains, and then swiftly adopted by amateur racers and cyclists. The market is now awash with aero road helmets and the choice is bewildering.

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The _Kaner | 7 years ago

I like the colour of the blue version...did a wee google search to see what it actually looks like on someone's head...oh dear lord. it's fu'manky

CXR94Di2 | 8 years ago

I quite like it. The price will come down very quickly. I purchased a kask infinity aero which was half price. I must say it's the best helmet I have ever had, unbelievably it keeps me cooler than my old giro which was full of slots. Air flow technology does actually work  1

s_lim | 8 years ago
1 like

Hideous, in both looks and cost. 

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