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Flectr aerodynamic wheel reflector seeks Kickstarter funding

Flectr, paper-thin and lightweight spoke reflectors, seeks Kickstarter funding

New bicycles are typically sold with wheel reflectors, but they’re usually the first thing to be removed when setting the bike up, especially on sleek road bikes. One company, now seeking Kickstarter funding, has designed wheel reflectors that are “aerodynamic, weightless and indestructible” and could be a nice alternative to the chunky wheel reflectors normally fitted to bicycle wheels. 


It's called Flectr, and the Kickstarter campaign is going well. It has sailed past its €4,500 goal with, at the time of writing, €15,736 of funding. It has 25 days to go so it could bag even more crowdfunding yet. Pledge €20 (plus €7 UK shipping costs) and you can get one set of six spoke reflectors, with delivery estimated for July 2016. 

What is Flectr?

It’s a small reflector that attaches to the spokes of the wheels and is designed, obviously to provide extra visibility when riding at night, but without ruining the clean lines of the bike. Its big USP is how small, light and aerodynamic it is, especially compared to the chunky reflectors that are usually fitted to new bikes. 


The Flectr team set out to design a wheel reflector that is sleek and stylish, fits any spokes and doesn’t fall off easily or break. The result is a reflector that is very light, just 0.7g per reflector, and paper-thin. It fits round and flat spokes and measures 20x50mm. 

It has been a year in development, with CAD testing and sourcing of the right materials and testing the durability of the product. It doesn’t impact the dynamic balance of the wheel and has been tested at flow velocities of 100mph.

It’s easy to install. Just remove the foil carrier and place the reflector on the spoke and press both panels together. No tools required. You can fit as many reflectors to each wheel as you like, depending on how many you want to purchase. road.c

The company is planning to release a version with a magnet embedded into the reflector, ideal if you use cycle computers and want to kill two birds with one stone. It’ll weigh just 0.8g, and is certainly a more elegant, and lighter, solution than a regular magnet attached to the spokes. 


The importance of reflective products is well known. Research shows that it’s reflective products, not hi-visibility clothing, that really helps cyclists stand out when riding in the dark or low light conditions.

Is Flectr the sort of product you would be interested in fitted to your bicycle for the daily commute, or even for evening training rides?

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.


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