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Silca’s compact torque multitool exceeds Kickstarter funding goal

Silca's clever torque multitool gains Kickstarter funding

Silca, a manufacturer of some of the finest and most expensive tools, has taken to Kickstarter to get funding for its latest multitool. And it’s been successful, with $163,177 pledged so far with 22 days to go, far exceeding its now modest $22,000 goal. 

What’s all the fuss about? It’s the T-Ratchet multitool and Ti-Torque adapter, a lightweight, compact and adjustable torque wrench for safely tightening the bolts on your bike to the correct torque setting. 

Most high-end components, especially lightweight and carbon fibre parts, have a recommended torque setting for the assembly bolts. This is to prevent damage to the component from excessive tightening.

silca kickstarter tool3.jpg

Silca has developed a compact and easily transportable torque tool - it’s small enough to go in a jersey pocket or saddlebag - because it claims that 70% of all damage to components happens because of adjustments made on the road, with a multitool. 

The Ti-Torque features a 6Al/4V titanium torsion beam and is calibrated with 2, 4, 6 and 8Nm settings, and fits into the T-Ratchet multitool, a T-bar shaped tool with a ratchet for easy fastening of bolts, and can be configured with short or long reach handles. The ratchet has a 72-tooth forged and hardened mechanism providing five-degree engagement. 

silca kickstarter new tool 1.jpg

“Traditional multi-tools may be good for making some adjustments, but when it comes to properly applying torque, the small size, difficult ergonomics, and often poor fitting or flexible tools make it impossible for even the most experienced user to 'feel' the torque they are applying,” says the company.

“Ti-Torque solves the portable torque measurement problem in a 100 x 12mm package weighing only 30 grams and capable of reading 2-8Nm of torque with better accuracy than most click-type home torque tools.  As the Ti-Torque becomes loaded, the internal Titanium beam deflects allowing the live torque measurement to be read on the side of the tool. “

silca kickstarter tool1.jpg

Kickstarter used to be reserved for inventors to get new ideas off the ground, now we’re increasingly seeing established companies using it as a marketing tool, and a way of gauging interest in new products. 

Silca is using Kickstarter, in its own words, to accelerate the tooling and production so it can deliver finished units before the end of the year. The tool comes with a case and 10 bits for all the most common bolts you’ll find on a road bike.

Even though the campaign has smashed its original goal, you can still support it and get your hands on the tool when it’s produced, with a $85 pledge getting you a tool. Shipping is free in the US, and $5 to anywhere in the world.

Check it out here

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