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Zwift adds Volcano expansion to Watopia course

Volcano route expansion added to Zwift's Watopia course

Do you Zwift?  If you do, you’ll be interested/excited to know that the company has issued an expansion for the Watopia course that offers three addition routes all modelled on a volcano. 

The new expansion provides three additional route options, including a 12.5km flat loop and a 4.2km loop around and inside the Volcano. The shorter route can also be ridden in the reverse direction. 

Here are the details of the three new routes the expansion provides:

  • Volcano Flat - an approx 8mi/12.5km flat loop, which includes most of the old flat route minus 'The Esses'
  • Volcano Circuit - a 2.8mi/4.2km lap around, and inside of, the volcano. This one has a built-in lap counter to count the laps as you complete them.  In an organised lap-based event that uses this course the lap counter will count down to the finish.
  • Volcano Circuit CCW - same as above, but reverse direction

Zwift unveiled the expansion yesterday but some people might have had a few issues connecting to Zwift as it’s been dealing with a few outages recently. Have they affected you?

As well as this expansion, Zwift has made some fixes to known bugs, including a bug with the Wahoo Kickr where it occasionally drops all resistance for no apparent reason. It’s also improved load times and added three new achievements. 

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