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Chris King ceases production of Cielo road bike frames

Chris King bicycle brand comes to a close

It’s with some sadness that we report one of the finest steel road bike brands is to wind down. Cielo Cycles was launched in 2008 by Chris King, the Portland-based company best known for its headsets and hubs, and has produced some beautiful steel road bikes over the years.

Cielo road racer  - 1.jpg

Chris King actually started making frames in the late 1970s but the headset business took off so well that he was forced to put the welding torch down and focus on the headsets, for which he is most synonymous. He relaunched Cielo in 2008 and we’ve always been taken by their simple old school slim tubes and exquisite workmanship. But despite distribution in the UK they’ve not really enjoyed the success on this side of the pond that they perhaps deserve, but then you have to really want a USA made frame over one of the dozens of steel framebuilders now operating across the UK.

The reason for ceasing production of Cielo frames is to focus on what the parent company is best known for, hubs, headsets and bottom brackets.

“We are quite proud of the product that Cielo has produced over the years and are honoured by those who ride our frames. We are suspending Cielo indefinitely to focus our attention on Chris King Precision Components core product families (headsets, bottom brackets, and hubs),” said a statement on the company’s website.

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huntswheelers | 2 years ago
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I've got one of these in now....the customer managed to find a disc brake frame in the States and had it shipped across....currently being built up with Di2 Hydraulic set up and Hope brakes....going to be very special when finished

1961BikiE | 6 years ago

Sad, all the pictures I've seen they're gorgeous frames but as said you have to be determined to want a US made frame when there are so many fantastic home produced frames.

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