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Five cool products coming soon to

A preview of new gear from Bontrager, Kenda, Spurcycle, Bobbin and Giro prior to our test results...

The review team are as busy as ever, and here are some highlights of the latest bikes, accessories and components we've been testing...


Bontrager Blendr Road Ion Light Mount


Blendr Ion road light mount.jpg

This mount provides a clean and simple solution for attaching a light out front and under your stem. Bontrager's Blendr stems can also hold computer and GoPro mounts for a flush integrated system. Is it fully secure, and does it hold your light in the perfect position? Editor Tony Farrelly will be giving his verdict soon.


Bobbin Dark Star 


Bobbin Dark Star.jpg

The Dark Star from Bobbin is a city bike that offers more than your average hybrid, with 16 gears and hydraulic discs for longer commutes or trips on the weekend. A steel frame with subtle branding and matching leather bars and saddle give a classic appearance, while 32mm tyres make it capable of occasional towpath jaunts. Is it the versatile city slicker it's cracked up to be? Our reviewer John Stevenson is currently bobbin' around on the Dark Star with a verdict coming soon...



Spurcycle bell


Spurcycle Bell.jpg

The price point might ring alarm bells with bargain hunters, but Spurcycle are claiming their creation is far superior to the average ding-a-ling. Made in the USA, the precision-engineered bell is fully adjustable to fit any size handlebars, coming in a raw metal or black carbon finish. Small in size and big on sound (45g and just 30mm x 20.5mm) it's purportedly three times louder than a standard bell. George Hill will be telling us how good the vibrations are in his review soon.


Giro Civila women's road shoes


Giro Civila Womens Road Cycling Shoes.jpg

These two-bolt women's road shoes are made for the style-conscious cyclist who wants some walkable footwear for when they reach their destination. Weighing 275g, the outsole is made of injected nylon and the walking pads either side of the two-bolt cleat mount is replaceable. A suede heel counter and laced closure make for a classic appearance, with a performance fit inside to ensure a smooth yet firm ride.


Kenda Cholla Pro Tubeless


Kenda Cholla Pro Tubeless Ready Tyre.jpg

These tubeless-ready tyres are most at home on technical off-road surfaces, said to offer maximum traction for when the ground is slick and slippery. The tyre has a unique tread design to achieve max grip, coming with the obvious benefits that going tubeless brings, i.e. weight reduction and increase puncture resistance​. Mike Stead is getting the Chollas dirty right now, with a verdict coming soon...


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