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Five cool products coming soon to from Topeak, Cygolite, Tannus, Deuter and Deda

Here are some highlights of the kit we're busy testing at the moment...

After a fortnight of previewing products we want to have a meddle with from the annual Eurobike extravaganza, we're back to showing you some sneak previews of what we have in our hands/on our feet/on the road etc etc right now, with full reviews coming soon... 

Topeak Ninja Co2


Topeak Ninja CO2 - Micro Airbooster.jpg

Topeak have become somewhat renowned for putting things in places you might not expect in recent years (insert innuendo here), and often with plenty of success according to our reviewers. The Ninja is another unconventional idea that in theory could work a treat, with space for two Co2's and tyre levers (included) underneath a bottle cage. The cage itself is engineering-grade plastic and the full package weighs 229g. Does the formation work on the road? Neil Gander's verdict is coming soon... 



Deda Elementi Zero2 Alloy Team


Deda Elementi Zero2 Alloy Team Wheels - full wheels.jpg

This affordable clincher wheelset from Italian brand Deda is made from light aluminium, with a new wider rim profile to provide more support for the tyre and better stability and handling. The rear hub has a 2:1 pattern spoke design to improve the lateral stiffness, and as a set they weigh in at 1550g.


Tannus Aither 1.1 airless tyre


Tannus Aither 1.1 solid tyres - product name.jpg

We previewed them when they were announced earlier this year, and for the last month we've been testing one of the first sets of Tannus' new and improved solid road tyre to arrive in the UK. The Aither 1.1 is available in 23, 25 and 28mm (our test set are 25's), and Tannus promise it's "the most modern solid tyre in the world", with an equivalent hardness of 105psi compared to an inflated tyre and better rolling resistance (15% less) than their previous version. They're made from a polymer resin using a foaming technology to keep the weight down, and you can get them in an array of crazy colours. Is the Aither 1.1 really the golden ticket, a puncture-proof tyre that is also super smooth and fast? Our verdict is coming soon.


Deuter Road One backpack


Deuter Road One.jpg

This bag will "bring an end to bulging jersey pockets" according to Deuter, as it's is specifically engineered for road cycling. It's got a narrow v-shaped cut so you can still access your back jersey pockets, and an integrated, neon-yellow detachable rain cover. An attachment option for shades is placed on the shoulder straps, and there's reflective detailing plus an attachment loop for a safety light. Is it worth breaking the unofficial road cyclists' code of jersey pockets or nowt for the handy extra storage offered by the Road One? Our reviewer Stu Kerton is currently finding out...

Cygolite Metro Pro 1100 USB


Cygolite Metro.jpg

This compact yet powerful light pumps out 850 lumens on full beam, and has light six settings all together with the potential to last up to 4 hours in steady pulse mode. It's also got side illumination for extra safety, a rechargeable USB Li-ion and it's highly water resistant. It weighs 165g and takes 2.5 hours to get a full charge. Has it lit up Mat Brett's life? His verdict will be in shortly...  


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