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The Trenux, a bike trailer that folds up in ten seconds when not in use, is crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Trenux claim their trailer can fold up onto your bike in ten seconds when not in use, and when you need to transport stuff your bike is quickly and easily transformed into a fully-fledged load-carrying cargo machine...

The new Trenux trailer promises a 'revolution in urban mobility" thanks to its light and portable design that folds up or down in as little as 10 seconds. 

The German start-up say their solution offers "the right transport option in every situation", as the load-carrying ability far surpasses panniers and it's easier to manoeuvre than a bulky cargo bike. They claim it's ready to be spontaneously loaded in less than 10 seconds with its patented opening system, and the maximum load-carrying ability is 40kg. Trenux have pictured a guitar, bags of groceries and cases of wine as examples of items that it can handle. 

Plenty of positive reactions floating around social media


The trailer is also designed according to the German DIN standard, their gold standard for trailer safety. Trenux have designed a locking set (available separately but comes with some Kickstarter pledge amounts) that integrates into the quick-release system and locks the trailer to your bike with a small push. There are also additional bags available in various colourways, all made with waterproof materials and featuring ergonomic handles for ease of use when taking them off the bike. 

Trenux have currently raised over £25,000 of their £43,052 crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter with 25 days remaining. A backing of 500 euros is the smallest backing required to get one with an estimated delivery date of December 2019, but you can make various other higher or lower pledge amounts. Click here to check it out in more detail and back it if you think it's a good idea.  

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puzzledpaul | 2 years ago

Have been aware of the trenux for a while and decided to see if I could find some actual user reviews to see how it's doing in the real world ... and came across this site.

Whilst it looks neat and business like (for some) there's no way I'd even remotely consider paying 500 euros for such an item.

I'm a regular skip / bin diver (and cyclist, obviously) and wanted a better / more versatile way of carrying unweildy / heavy etc items and thus considered a trailer.

I've made several trailers in my life, but don't particularly like towing empty ones, for various reasons - so decided to make one that could be folded and stowed onto the bike until needed ... ie when 'targets of opportunity' presented themselves  1  

I ended up with using a kid's foldable stroller - somewhat modified and when not needed, sits on top of the pannier rack.  Wheels remove and stow in one of the panniers.

Cost -  less than a tenner

Now been in use for just over three years and  probably shifted a total of about 10 tons, max load carried being 50kg, but typically carry 10 - 30kg on a regular basis.

Trailer weighs approx 4kg + 1.3kg for the tow hitch frame ... the rear triangle from a scrap alu framed bike. 

RobD | 4 years ago

That's a pretty cool idea, could mount panniers to it when it's in the up position? that would make it ideal for leaving it on my do it all bike. A little more expensive than I'd hoped but at least looks like it could be well worth it.

BehindTheBikesheds | 4 years ago
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Nice product but limited by the looks of things and having to carry an extra large bag to get on trains as well as not being able to get them into certain train racks and also standard parking racks could be an issue.

Personally I'd rather just carry stuff on the pannier rack or in bags, the depicting the cyclist spilling all their stuff everywhere when most people simply don't is dumb and unnecessary.

I carried this on the rack from the next town some 6 miles away a few months ago, got loads of overtaking space strangely yes Oh and I've had a full sized lawnmower on there as well.


ktache | 4 years ago

Nice little product and a well made little video showing it's uses in an entertaining way.

The train thing is interesting, on some services you can have a full size bike but those train companies don't tend to like the bike trailer, this would solve that one.

Probably not for me, but good luck to them.

Much better and useful idea for KickStarter funding than bicycle indicators, or do it all helmets.

(With indicators)

kil0ran | 4 years ago
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Christ, the ergonomics in that office are awful.

Nice product though.

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