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Apidura launches new Revive store for used bikepacking bags to increase its product lifespan

Store includes bags that are repaired, refurbished and sample packs currently not being used but still fully functional…

Bikepacking brand Apidura has launched a new Revive store that's designed to get used packs back into circulation, extend the useful lifecycle of its products, and therefore reduce unnecessary waste.

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2021 Apidura Revive 5

“As a manufacturer, the single greatest way we can reduce our environmental footprint is by keeping our products in use for as long as possible,” says Apidura.

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2021 Apidura Revive 3

“Keeping a pack in use longer reduces the impact of everything that went into creating it far more than opting for ‘greener’ but less durable materials that need to be replaced more frequently.”

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Apidura says that by keeping its products in use for longer, it hopes to reduce its environmental footprint as well as reduce the demand for low-cost products with shorter lifespans.

2021 Apidura Revive 8

This approach to sustainability is why Apidura says its packs are built to last and easy to repair.

Creating its own materials, the technical bikepacking specialist says it has more control over the sustainability and durability of its packs.

Apidura says: “While some packs are cosmetically ‘as new’, others carry the patina of adventure that tell the stories of where they were ridden and the challenges their riders faced.”

One of the refurbished Backcountry Full Frame Packs, for example, accompanied Sofiane Sehili on his wins at the Inca Divide and Atlas Mountain Race.

2021 Apidura Revive 9

The Revive packs come from three main sources:

  • Refurbished: Those previously used for testing by ambassadors during the development process. Apidura says you could expect to see “very minor signs of use or repair patches” and these have been checked, cleaned and signed off for new adventures.
  • Repaired: “These packs have been professionally stitched, patched, or welded back into shape,” Apidura says. “They meet our high quality standards but may not look brand new - though bikepacking gear rarely does after a good adventure.”
  • Samples: Those in “perfect working order” that Apidura says were most likely produced during its product development process. “They may deviate from the current production equivalent in very minor ways that do not affect their utility.”
2021 Apidura Revive 1

Apidura explains that all Revive packs come with a warranty covering defects in material and craftsmanship, including repairs undertaken. “The warranty is for the reasonable lifetime and intended usage of the products and should any flaw appear due to defective materials or craftsmanship, Apidura will gladly repair the product.”

Packs are priced based on their individual condition explains Apidura, with samples being pretty close to ‘as new’, repairs being the second nearest and refurbs being the packs that show the greatest signs of use.

2021 Apidura Revive 2

“The pricing reflects those cosmetic conditions – so while a sample and a refurb would be expected to perform to the same level, the sample will likely be almost indistinguishable from a ‘new’ product, while the refurb will have obvious signs of use,” says Apidura.

Here's some examples of prices across the three ranges:

  • Repaired Backcountry Saddle Pack 14L £63.50 (previously £98 full price)
  • Refurbished Expedition Compact Frame Pack 5.3L £73.50 (previously £92 full price)
  • Sample Racing Top Tube Pack 1L £45.00 (previously £50 full price)

The new Apidura Revive website is live over here.

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Freddy56 | 2 years ago

Super work , great company

RoubaixCube | 2 years ago
1 like

Dont forget that Apidura offer 'free instore repairs'

Though the locations that are part of the repairs scheme are very very very few and far between so it might not work for everyone.

zero_trooper | 2 years ago

Great idea! Good eco-PR for Apidura and a bit of discount (and possibly history) for us  1

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