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Continental unveils the "strongest" and "fastest" ever Grand Prix 5000 tyre models

There is a new GP5000 for all-season riding and some serious, fast racing

Continental has launched two new versions of their popular GP5000 road bike tyre, calling the Grand Prix 5000 AS TR the strongest and the Grand Prix 5000 TT TR the fastest in their lineup. While the TT TR is aimed at racers, especially time-trialists, the AS TR model offers more versatility to everyday riders who like the performance benefits of the GP5000 tyres. Let’s look at what these tyres with Kanye West lyric-like claims are made of, then… 

Continental Grand Prix 5000 AS TR tyre

man riding a bike up a hill

Grand Prix 5000 AS TR is a new all-season GP5000, adding some extra protection, grip and longevity to the fast GP5000 road tyre lineup. Even though this is the heavier of the two new GP5000 tyres, it is perhaps more exciting for those who enjoy a little speed boost in everyday conditions and not while racing. 

With the AS TR, Continental has paired the speed of the Grand Prix 5000 and the longevity and protection of the Grand Prix 4 Season. The new tyre has a boosted tread pattern, multi-layer overlapping ply construction and additional sidewall protection - although from afar it looks very much like a "regular" GP5000. 

Continental use a BlackChili compound which is said to offer a balance of rolling resistance and grip. Conti says it is infused with Vectran Breaker liquid crystal polymers for puncture protection and tear resistance and there is also a Lazer Grip expanding profile structure designed for precise cornering and Active Comfort Technology for vibration absorption built into the rubber.

Grand Prix 5000 AS TR cream sidewall

This model is tubeless-ready and hookless compatible, and Continental says the weights start at 300g per tyre. The tyre is available in widths from 25mm up to 35mm - so plenty of widths even for a commuter bike, and you can choose from black or cream sidewall colour options. One Continental GP 5000 AS TR tyre will set you back 95.99€ (we're waiting to confirm UK pricing).

Continental Grand Prix 5000 TT TR tyre

Continental Grand Prix 5000 TT TR

Continental claims that the new Grand Prix 5000 TT TR tyre is the fastest. This is the very same tyre that Filippo Ganna used when he broke the hour cycling record last year, and with that performance in mind, it is for sure going to appeal to crit, TT and triathlon racers around the globe. 

This tyre was already released last year as a limited edition 25mm option to celebrate the 2022 Tour de France, but it's now also available in plusher 28mm width. With the 28mm tyre weighing in at 235g, this is a lightweight race tyre designed with speed in mind (the 25mm version is 35g lighter than the equivalently sized Continental’s Grand Prix 5000 S TR).

Filippo Ganna, UCI Hour Record attempt (GCN)

The tread thickness and construction are intended to reduce the tyre's material deformation, offering a lower rolling resistance. Continental says the fastest times on the GP5000 TT TR tyres are achieved when you pair the 25mm at the front with the 28mm at the back. 

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Similarly to the AS TR, the GP5000 TT TR features a BlackChili compound and other Continental tyre technologies to make the tyre durable and grippy in all conditions. 

The Grand Prix 5000 TT TR is hookless-compatible with up to 21 TSS and tubeless-ready. The tyre is available exclusively in the black sidewall colourway, with an RRP of 108.95€ per tyre.

Both of the new tyres should be available now and you can check all the further details on the Continental website

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