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Five cool things coming soon from Scribe, Garmin, Wizard Works, Altura and Cafe du Cycliste

More of the best wheels, bags and clothing we're testing right now, with full reviews coming soon

It’s that time of year again when there are some riders out there in the UK who have taken the bold move and gone for shorts, outside... it might be getting warmer but is it really that warm, just yet, hmmm? Nevertheless, it has been lovely weather and our team of reviewers have been enjoying testing some neat gear that’s recently landed in the offices - here are this week's highlights...

Wizard Works Framebagracadabra Large


Made in-house in London, this jazzy-looking frame bag is for storing an extra layer or snacks on a day ride or it can form part of a full bikepacking setup. Why go for a frame bag? Well, Wizard Works points out that by keeping the weight near the centre of the bike, you can carry this extra load without compromising your bike’s handling. 

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The recycled HDPE plastic bottom is designed to help the bag keep its shape, whether you’ve packed it full or not, while the elastic webbing at the top is for taking the strain off the zipper when the bag is full to help to prolong the life of the zip. Hollis Jones has been testing the larger of the two sizes, which has a 3.5 litre capacity, and will be letting us know how the bag has performed shortly… 

Scribe Elan Wide+ 42-D wheelset


Featuring 42mm deep rims and weighing just 1,400g, these tubeless ready wheels are Scribe’s top-end performance option. Due to the unique spoke design, Scribe says the lightweight 2.6g carbon spokes used have a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to stainless steel spokes. This increased strength is said to have allowed the brand to build more tension into the wheels for improved performance, but due to the mechanical properties of carbon spokes, road buzz is also reduced.

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The 21mm internal profile also gives the option to fit wide tyres for increased stability when cornering, and increased speed due to improved rolling resistance - especially when running as tubeless. Do these really offer the pinnacle in performance? Stuart Kerton has been finding out and his full report is coming shortly…

Altura Slim Pocket Wallet


This fully waterproof case is touchscreen compatible and maintains rear camera visibility, and it also has a “no moisture” patch which is claimed to prevent condensation from forming. 

As well as fitting into a rear jersey pocket, two detachable straps are included to allow you to fit to your bike for navigating. A padded back panel provides protection too. Is this case effective? Steve Williams has been finding out and his verdict is coming soon… 

Cafe du Cycliste Leonie Men’s Insulated Cycling Jacket


Built around a mid-weight blend, this jacket is designed to provide warmth on cold days without adding unnecessary weight or bulk. The core section is a three-layer construction which consists of a windproof outer, lightweight insulation and a “permeable mesh interior” for balancing protection and breathability when pacing it on cooler rides. 

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The sleeves also feature windblocking panels, whereas at the rear the fabric is designed to be high wicking and is ribbed for temperature regulation. Matt Page has been using this top layer for his rides lately and his full report will be coming soon… 

Garmin epix (Gen 2) Premium Active Smartwatch


The epix is Garmin’s everyday smartwatch that’s controlled by both touchscreen and buttons, and is packed with activity tracking (including indoor and outdoor cycling), mapping, wellness and smart features. It also features Garmin’s recently released Real-Time Stamina, which is designed to learn from you, giving you a live estimate of how you’re exerting energy during a ride so you can better judge how much to give.

The epix also has a 1.3” always-on AMOLED display and boasts up to 16 days of battery life which Garmin claims is the best in class for a smartwatch with this display. Epix features multi-band frequency and multi-GNSS support for better and more accurate GPS positioning. How useful is this model? Matt Page has been testing its features and his full report is coming soon...

For all the latest test reports, head over to our reviews section. If you want some more advice before splashing the cash, check out our buyer's guides.

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GSte | 2 years ago

'Everyday smartwatch'. £900. 🤨

visionset | 2 years ago
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Re: Roadbuzz - Someone doesn't know how spokes work, or rather hoodwinkarama.

open_roads replied to visionset | 2 years ago
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I've got the carbon spoked Hunt Wheels and they are by a significant margin the most uncomfortable / jarring wheel I've ridden in 30+ years.

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